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    I gotta say, Nintendo are doing a fantastic job with the DS marketing. Check out the Touching is Good website…….

    Watch some of the vids on the right, funny stuff! Especially the basketball one…..class! :D

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    Dude, you gotta get one. I got one on import, had it a while now. Its excellent. Comfortable to use, a little on the big side. Battery life is ace, 8+ hours from a single charge.
    Got Mario 84 DS, not very many games lined up. Its brill, cant believe I had not played on the N64, its such an excellent game. The sound from the DS is fab as well, and it plays my GBA games too, wheeeeeee.
    So yes, touching is good.
    Cant wait for the launch of the PSP as well !!!!.

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    Just received Meteos from LkSg yesterday – well, what can I say…It’s certainly ‘different’ in gameplay terms, thanks to the stylus interface. Think Puyo-Puyo on acid with visuals by Minter kinda thing. If that’s the shape of quality releases on DS to come, then please Mr Ninty, can I have some more?

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    Hrm having played both handhelds at length I have to say that, despite my contempt for SONY in the console market, I prefer the PSP. It just seems more multifunctional, sturdy and of course, as far as I can see, more powerful. Plus although Im sure the DS will have some really innovative games I still think the PSP will have the better games over time…

    One thing though, having played the demo of Metroid I have to say that using the touch pad to control the crosshair on screen was fantastic! :D

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