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      Hey guys I’m 15 and I’m going into transition year this year.
      I have to do 2 weeks of work experience this year, starting november 15th.
      I am interested in game design, I have dabbled in Blender 3d and have EXTREMELY basic programming (I can barely write hello world :lol: ) I have used python but as I said i’m a noob at it. I live In leitrim and I am just wondering is there any company nearby that could take me on for the two weeks ? all suggestions welcome!

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      Search the site for this question. It has been asked multiple times before.

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      Aphra K

      hi edwrd01

      You might look to the north for some of the companies in Derry or Belfast – for example Darkwater in Derry or in Belfast CanDo Interactive or Weeman.

      You will want to have some work in a portfolio to show them that you can assist in some way.

      Regardless it looks like you will have to travel to a company and maybe stay over if you have family/friends there.

      Many game companies are very small and taking in a transition student can be hard for them. Don’t be too disappointed if they can’t take you.


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      Hey thanks for the replies guys, i’ll definately take a look at some of those companies you mentioned aphra! :D

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