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    I’m having a ball right now :D searching for a PC laptop

    i’m torn between a dell inspiron 6000 or a Sony FJ1Z

    both have up points and i’m fairly evenly balanced between the 2 ..

    i’d just love to find out how fast the sony HD is .. there’s nothing around in the spec( this makes me think it might only be 4200 rather than 5400 or 7200)

    is there any way i can check .. system profiler…
    i can drop round to a shop and have a poke around tomorrow then :D

    ta !

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    yep that’s the one .. dixons are doing them for 1349 eu .. just need to find out how fast the HD is ..

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    yep that’s the one .. dixons are doing them for 1349 eu .. just need to find out how fast the HD is ..[/quote:ed93977cd8]

    id say it prob 5400, very few 4200 knocking about in modern laptops i would suspect.

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    looking at the sony range, i’m surprised how many 4200 they are selling … i’ve been told the steps to check anyway :D

    might get myself a laptop today if all goes well then :D

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    While I like the Sony laptops I really wish they’d give you the proper installation CDs instead of reserving 7GB for a daft backup system. Especially since it restores a lot of the crap they install as standard.

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    Wow thats silly, speaking of silly – have you seen Sony’s software for their mp3 players – its ridiculously complex and unfriendly.

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    Yep, definitly 5400rpm, google is definitly your friend. Pity you cant get Raptor drives for laptops though… :?

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    OMG i just bought a PC home LOL .. the Sony FJ1Z/W

    this is a bit of a breakthrough here :D .. am enjoying setting it up, and looking forward to trying out all those PC only plugs that i’ve never been able to get my mits on..

    and playing Dreadnought at last !!! yeehaah!

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    That reminds me, new nVidia drivers means another chance to get Dreadnought running, sw00t!

    Congrats on the purchase fitch, theres nothing like the feeling of buying a new PC…then again this is a student talking so my opinions are slightly warped… :D

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