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      I was given a present on a PSP with 2.50 firware on it. I know i need to put an older version of Firmware on it to exploit the PSP so i can put all the good fun stuff on it.

      I have been reading the psp-hack website but there is a lot of information but often one thing i have read says the opposite of another i just read.

      I dont want to turn the PSP into a brick so if one of you guys can share you experience i would appreciate it.

      Also if any of you have any nice links for PSP stuff thats would be much appreciated too.


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      How do I downgrade my 2.01 – 2.60?
      YOU CAN’T. [/quote:dbf3a68570]


      i’m an admin at dcemu.co.uk, which is more famous for psp-news.dcemu.co.uk

      this is the psp section of the site

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      no i’m wrong (i don’t have a psp so i don’t really follow the scene)

      there is a loader for called eloader for 2.5 version firmware but u need GTA and not all homebrew works on that



      you can’t down grade version 2.5 firmware… i don’t think

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      After the first batch of PSP’s that could be easliy modded, sony brought out a new batch on single and giga pack, that could be identified by the leter H of G on the start of the serial code on the box.

      These ones cant run on anything lower than 2.0 (ive been led to beleive).
      But its also worth noting, that any1 who kept their PSP at version 1.5 to enable the ability to emulate, cant play any PSP game that was released since 1.6 release, as the games demand the new version installed before they will run.

      Of course u also miss out on the ultra neato and user friendly web browser….lol :P

      — There might be a way around it, but its dodgey stuff, and the yokes are so expensive, is it really worth the risk.

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