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    im wondering if there are any members on this forum who are registered sellers on turbosquid?? im considering uploading some media next year and am wondering if there are any catches to the service? i can see they take 50% of your sales, ouch! :shock:

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    Its pricy they keep like 50% from sales, but it depends on how much you are charging. I know a few people who makes loads from it. But the major catch is that its full of over priced shite that you dont really stand much chance of standing out from the crowd.

    I have alot of content uploaded there at the moment that I will be making available for sale very soon, will let you know how I get on with it. But I expect that I will only have moderate sales from it

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    I actually made some sales there too. Still haven’t managed to collect the money though. I didn’t in the end because you have to sort out your tax situation with the US government or something. I seem to remember there being far too many forms and too much personal information being given to the States anyway. You might want to read up on that before you start selling.

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    I’ve sold some stuff on it. You need to fill out an IRS form, and fax it to them…but its not that bad.

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