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      Anyone remember Prey? The first person shooter billed as the ultimate Quake killer from 3D Realms. If you do remember the game you’ll also remember it was famously canned in favour of work on Duke Nukem Forever *cough* but now it seems to be in the process of being resurrected with the aid of the Doom3 engine…Clicky!

      No publisher has been attached to the project as yet, but as CNN/Money notes, Take Two Interactive has a close relationship with 3D Realms – occasional demands from the developer that its publisher should “STFU” aside.[/quote:10954de20e]
      ..my god I love George Broussard! :p

      tbh honest though it smells like another game to add some coin to 3DRealms coffers to continue financing the DNF project.

      Also speaking of resurrections…
      “EA entices Connery back to play Bond once more”…wonderfull! And the film they choose to do a film on “From Russia With Love” *sigh*
      Its just gona end up another multi-genre game i think with some third person shooting, driving and maybe some mountains to ski down on your cello….:D

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