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      just got word today that u.c.c are launching a new socLet society which is going to run until xmas and its main focus is to learn how to develop games for mobile phones. open to all students in the cs dept and apparently a local a local company has sponsored prizes for the best game\games. language of choice obviously being java.

      more info when i have it. which should be after the launch meeting on wednesday evening in the sciene building.

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      Aphra K


      let us know more about it when you do and you can PM me with details so we can put it up on news..


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      yeah its started now..

      Its in association with Selatra mobile games. The aims for students to form teams of 2-3 and learn about j2me and wireless comm. while developing a video game.

      Course been conducted by Dr. Derek Bridge (AI\java guy in u.c.c.)

      Selatra will judge the competition around xmas and the winner\winners will receive high end handsets and the possiblity of them hosting your game for retail on their site. Resulting in your team receiving some of the royalities.

      Development starts tomorrow night so im told, 6.30-9.30pm every wedneday night.


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