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    So who’s going?

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    everyone in my house except myself. not a fan, bono annoys the hell out of me

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    I cant say I like U2, but I managed to get tickets so Im going. I am looking forward to it but I dont think for me that U2 will be the big attraction.

    SnowPatrol or Paddy Casey :D

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    Got a ticket so I am heading along. Should be good if they play all the old toons in Croker.

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    Although I’m not a big fan, I did see U2 at “that” Slane a few years ago and I must say it was one helluva show! Although its since been eclipsed by other gigs I’ve been to you can’t argue that they put on a great show added to that ~80,00 highly enthuastic fans that will be there…well have fun is all I’ll say! :D

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    im going


    cant wait.

    won tickets to live 8 as well. im so lucky

    :D :D :D

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    My boss’ step daughter is going, alas I’ll be working….

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    To be honest I say there will be about 30 fans at the show, and about 79,970 ticket tauts.

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    anyone at the gig in croke park last night. it was amazing. lot better than i thought. croke park is huge.

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    Some images. I was in the pit, about 10 or so feet from the stage, bang smack in the middle. :D

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    ah man excellent picture. :D :D

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    Geez, theyre fantastic pictures…I HAVE to buy a decent camera this summer. When I went over to the Alter Bridge concert in London last year all I had was a crappy disposable and even though I was right up against the stage the pictures were still pretty dodgy… :cry:

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    fantastic pictures there. good camera.

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    You’re not one of those guys who queued since Christmas to get in are you?!

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