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    Im going to the open day in Dundee later this month to check out the games Msc. Just wondering if anyone has heard back from them yet about the open day schedule? I have applied online to recieve it by post but it has not arrived yet and its on in 2 weeks.

    They are really bad at answering email enquiries about the course as well. Emailed 2 people connected with the course and they have as of yet not replied….

    Thanks for any help,

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    Just back from the Open Day, good stuff, city is really nice, kind of a chilled out place, low traffic and stuff. The course seems quite good in fairness and the college is class. They just built a students union across the road from it. Supposedly it has 2 night clubs and a cinema inside…

    I’ve made up my mind after a year of considering going abroad for a course to go ahead next September and do this. Yeah there are courses now popping up in Letterkenny and UCC but these guys have good links to the industry through Dare and stuff and their pretty experienced at this stage with bringing undergraduate comp science students up to scratch. Anyone else from Ireland going next September?

    Actually any comments from anyone there at present(or past) would be appreciated as well…

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    Aphra K

    PJ do a search for Dundee and Abertay here cause people on the boards have discussed it in detail before. Women in Games this year was in the new student’s union in Dundee and it was great even if the ventalation didn’t quite work!


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    Hi PJ,
    I’ve commented a bit about the course on previous threads. A few of us heading over there a couple of years ago ( and to tell the truth I was at a loss as to what to do with my life at the time ), and I haven’t looked back since. Try use the course as a spring-box to gaining the skills to enter Dare. As good as the course is, Dare is worth much more. From the 4 of us that went over together, 1 works at EA, 2 in The Creative Assembly and I’m at Core Design.

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    Thanks for the replies lads.

    PJ do a search for Dundee and Abertay here cause people on the boards have discussed it in detail before[/quote:0ad18dd62e]

    Yeah, have seen alot of the posts on Dundee, just wondering if anyone who frequents these boards are planning on going over next year.

    Try use the course as a spring-box to gaining the skills to enter Dare. As good as the course is, Dare is worth much more.[/quote:0ad18dd62e]

    Yes, the main reason im picking Dundee is because i want to enter Dare. I have considered entering before but to be honest i reckon most Irish computer science graduates are not quite cut out to enter it. There are exceptions of course though (just not me :lol: ). Its a good oppurtunity to land a job and i want to know what im doing when i eventually try to enter.

    Omen, how hard is it to get into Dare when you are in the postgrad course in Dundee? Are members of the course automatically expected to enter or must you form a team and qualify, much like the Irish teams have to do?

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    I’m no expert on it, but I would think that it would be harder to gain a place in Dare if you went to Abertay. Dundee is crawling with students who will be putting in applications. The odds of being picked against all of the other teams in the area are slim. If you entered with an Irish team then you can select a good team and will face little local competition.

    Just my thinking anyway! :)

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    Well, the post grad will teach you how to write design docs and thats vital for your application. The more clarity that you show in your application, the better your chances.
    There is no expectations on entering, it was all up to the students to form your own team and do all the leg work to enter. The only advantage you’ll have is the training in writing your application form. It was 6 Scottish teams in my year, last year I think it was down to 4 to allow for Ireland and England, so at least you don’t have to be the best at the earliest stage as several Scottish teams make it.
    As for entering as an Irish team, I don’t know if the rules would allow that as its based on the uni you attended, but you might get away with it…

    One other thing, if you haven’t looked into it before, check out SAAS. Scottish agency who will cover your uni fees as Ireland is a EU country :)

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    Sound, thanks for the advice lads.

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