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      Well it had to happen sooner or later.

      Some UK Bank

      link: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=33226

      has decided to stop processing World of Warcraft payments. Yet another example of a service provider forgetting its purpose, and deciding that it is also a "service provider / marshall / sheriff of these-here-parts".

      Its money. Its a payment. It does not matter who it is to, or what it is for. If it is plutonium I’m ordering, well let customs deal with it, when it gets shipped in. Now, process the bloody payment, and sort out the person in the queue behind me.

      "We don’t like the colour of your mana ’round here, bhoy" (I hear them mutter…)

      I would really like to see Banking 2.0, (copyright, 2008, jediboy) where this outdated, archaic notion, of having an account with a single branch is put out to pasture, and a newer, more abstracted form of banking appear.

      I have an account with AIB, not AIB-O’Connell-Street-branch. AIB. My money is in the "one-and-only" AIB-CLOUD, not O’Connell Street, or where ever. I can access it from anywhere, transfer it to and from anywhere, and thats all that is required. No standing in line, no "blue-pen, not black-pen on this form." Salient Banking. (copyright, 2008, jediboy)

      "Sorry sir, we are not allowing processing to that account at present."


      (No, I’m not a WarCraft addict going cold turkey, just a frustrated individual who is constantly bureaucratic-ed to death by every bank I visit.)

      Maybe this is good PhD material.

      What do you folks think? Is banking still as much of a burden, or am I just constantly rolling a one before I go in or phone them up???

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      i would prefer to see a system where i thought my mony was secure online.

      and the value of my bank details not so high* that they are worth stealing.


      the fact that all the bureacracy fails in this is simply unacceptable.

      As it happens i’m in the process of setting up a paypal account right now, with the debit card which AIB insisted i need.

      I figure since everyone does it, it can’t be that unsafe. however i’ve also seen the websites dedicated to bringing paypal’s repuattion down…

      What is to be done?

      *my bank details are likely worth somewhere around my current balance, i.e. very little.

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      I’m so excited, just got an email telling me I’ve won 10 million dollars, all I have to do is send my bank account details, which are on the way. I was wondering what consoles and games I should buy with my new found wealth………….Hey wait am minute,…thats funny I was sure I had 500 euro in my account the last time I checked…..must have been that administration fee they told me about……..oops the lights just went out…glad my laptop has a 8 hours battery……..seems it wasn’t a good idea to give out my bank account details….can I add a donate button to GD.ie?……….maybe people could PM their bank details…..I could forward them to people wishing to move money out of a corrupt country…

      Next weeks lesson will be on establishing a Second Life based bank…. |o|

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      I think the "cloud" bank is already starting to happen. You can save or invest with Rabo, borrow from Zopa (or lend), pay with paypal. Can’t be long before a completely online bank puts it up to the banks we have to visit.

      The peer to peer lending thing is particularly interesting. Hopefully it’ll help hurt those b?*x$%d sub prime lenders out of existence. They can’t take too much of a kicking as far as I’m concerned.

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      Just when I couldn’t believe my bank could get worse…

      I get a letter from them saying they’ve sent my details to someone else.

      By mistake.

      And they’ve sent me someone else’s details.

      By mistake.

      Name, Address, Branch, Sort, Account, Inbound Payment Amount, Details of person sending payment.

      By mistake.

      Also, asking me gingerly, to please send them back the "accidentally" sent details back to them.

      Sweet divine sunshine!

      And apparently its not just me, its a huge amount of people. Can someone say "CLASS ACTION."

      …grumble grumble grumble….

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      I can send you an address to send the bank detail to, 10 million dollar will be deposited after a small administration fee…………… :twisted:

      No bank officials were harming in the making of this forum post.

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