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      The next meeting is Wednesday 28th March at 6:30pm in the IrishDev.com TCube venue.

      Unity is a fantastic tool/engine for game development, but what’s not obvious when developing it is the best methods for developing the game code.

      Coming from a programming background, Unity can be quite confusing. The idea of attaching components to objects in order to add functionality is easy to grasp and makes creating small games fast any easy, but what about larger and more complex games?

      The Unity Technology User Group (UTUG) is a group of like-minded individuals from a wide range of experiences, from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals, who get together to share their experiences of using Unity to create games, simulations and any manner of cool things.

      The group meets every two weeks on a wednesday 6:30 to 10:00pm and alternates between workshops and discussions/show & tell.

      Discussions give attendees the opportunity to do a talk on the development methods (including, if they wish, the project management techniques/software that they use) and design patterns that they use to develop games. These presentations can take any form and involve any kind of media (a game, code examples, slides, handouts). Those giving talks are welcome to demonstrate their game(s), whatever state they are in.

      Doing a presentation/talk is completely optional. They are also informal, there’s no list to sign up to, just come along with any material/media you’d like to use (if any).

      Workshops allow attendees to code-along with the speaker, who generally aims to demonstrate a new technique or method or best practice in developing Unity projects. After the presentation there will be a discussion on development in Unity.

      Everyone’s welcome to attend, however the topics covered will require some working understanding of C# (or a similar language).

      More information:

      Google Groups: https://groups.google.com/group/unity3d-ireland

      Tickets: http://utug.eventbrite.com/ (only 2eur, to cover venue costs)

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