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      Anyone know much about this engine?


      There are two main licenses: Unity Indie ($199), and Unity Pro ($1499) [18]. The Pro version has additional features like render-to-texture, postprocessing effects, and the ability to build standalone Windows games. Unity Pro users can purchase an Asset Server client license, giving them the ability to communicate with Unity Asset Servers for $499. Unity Pro is also required for businesses with over $100,000 turnover/year. There is a free 30 day trial of Unity Indie.[/quote:98a41a8cbb]

      List of games;

      87MB Playable Tech Demo ;

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      It is a very cool engine – if I was to start a small indie games studio right now in Ireland, I’d get this ( even if it meant getting the coder to have a Mac to build on ).

      The potential to build for the web, and for iPhone / Wii is huge for an indie ( of course it’ll cost, but the option is there ).

      You currently need a Mac to edit on though ( but you can publish for PC .EXE from the Pro version, and the web plugin will play both Mac and PC ).

      If they bring out a Windows IDE ( has supposedly been worked on for ages now – remember that these guys are Mac heads ), I think you’re going to hear a LOT more about it.


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      I’m a fan of the "3d engine/tools distributed via web browser" concept of unity. If they would just release a pc dev version we would see an explosion of cool stuff.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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