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    I have a real problem with the unlocking aspect of games. I understand the whys of it, but I really don’t like it. the PoP2 ending brought me on to this thought process and it just seems so bizarre that the much better ending, the one that will really hook you and the one that makes sense for the sequel, is the one that the majority of gamers will not see.
    In today’s gaming world, the majority of gamers, do not finish games and I understand that completing it, and completing it 100% should give you some reward, but sometimes, like in PoP2, its too big a reward.
    Locking game modes is an annoyance to me, especially when multi-player modes are locked. Why?? Maybe i think the game is crap in single player, but really worth-while in multi-player, but you’re making me play it cos I know there is something I need to unlock. Gah!

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    To quote myself…

    What makes it even worse is that I never unlock stuff in games, I really don’t see the point in replaying parts of games just to get X new feature or something. The only time I’ve done is with Burnout 3 which was so bloody addictive…[/quote:7800830803]
    Thankfully it seems to be a console feature in most games. Prince Of Persia was mainly a console style game, hence its appearance there. Max Payne had unlockable features but that was only after you finished the game and to be honest you wouldnt really be interested in the “New York Minute” mode until after you’ve finished the game.

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    Unlockables can indeed end up not to be worthwhile, but I also think that it works in some cases. I know many people who played through GTA: San Andreas to complete it at 100% and then get all the goodies. Of course they got nothing and the rumours they heard were wrong, but unlockables are an incentive to keep people interested. On the other hand, playing through Dynasty Warriors fifty times is a slight annoyance just to get everything. It all depends on how well it’s executed.

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    I quite liked Max Payne’s unlockables…. but then it was because I enjoyed playing through the game the second time. And the numerous easter eggs hidden in the game were quite odd/funny too.

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    I loved the unlockables in GoldenEye on the N64, all of the weapons, invisibility, invincibility, enemies have rocket launchers not to mention 007 mode. Also unlockable were extra levels for multiplayer. Some unlockables are annoying granted, but they do keep me coming back most of the time.

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