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    Two quick questions lads. Does Unreal 2004 contain the latest version of UnrealEd?

    Any idea where I can get a good book about Unreal Level Editting in town (don’t like waiting for Amazon!)

    Given up on Half Life 2 Editor. PAIN IN THE ****


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    I’ve seen Mastering Unreal Technology in Easons before…. As far as I know the latest edition released to the public comes with UT2K4, I can’t think of any other games that use the engine that might have a newer version.

    Oh and please dont say that, starting to work on a mod for my portfolio using the source engine :shock:

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    Thankyou for the tip IK.

    I hope you have better luck than me using Source (I’m sure you will). I’m not a hardcore techie, and I find the process of exporting, writing bizarre text files, importing, configuring abstract paths and compiling to be really unintuitive, and prefer the way Unreal handles it.

    How far have you got with source?


    PS was that Easons on O’Connell Street?

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    Maybe we can get together for some collaboration? I’m pretty good at modelling and texturing? PM me if you’re interested…


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    Your Star Wars game rocks! Made me want to dig out my SNES and play a NEW HOPE till I was blue in the face.

    Your the man! and thats coming from a hard core Star Wars fan, not some band-wagon wannabe. I sh*t you not, I’m probably the only Star Wars fan with a complete collection of original figures. COMPLETE. Even a Blue Snaggletooth. I need say no more…

    your game rox!


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    yeah you’ve certainly thrown down the gauntlet, I gotta dig out my Snowspeeders and AT-AT’s to top that game…

    Give me a 3 weeks…and watch this space….


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    Thanks Jediboy!

    Blue Snaggletooth? Wow. You really are hardcore. Do you still have the vehicles?

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    I have a complete collection. Complete. Took 3 years.

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    Damn!, all I have left is an ewok, princess leia in BDU’s, an 8D8 and the hatch from the top of an AT-ST :D

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    The access hatch for the chicken walker is pretty hard to come by, spare parts are a goldmine

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