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    This is the bane of my life, and I know any of you modellers would agree.

    I saw a choppy tutorial of someone using reactor to unwrap, wondering if any of you seen this or have any tips or tricks to help speed up the process?

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    I’ve never heard of using Reactor to unwrap!?!

    Anyway, its very hard/impossible to explain with words so the best thing to do is to download some of the video tutorials from 3dbuzz.com or 3dpalace.com
    They both have uvw unwrapping tutorials as far as I know.

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    Thanks to malward, was trying this out yesterday. works pretty well for plain objects. but if you were trying to unwrap a face, or a section of a character than curves at the top and joins, say at the section at the top of the face, then you will have to change the area about a bit and give it more of a perpendicular edge. it works quite well actually :D

    use spatial model aswell in the reactor cloth settings for fold stiffness.

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    If I remember rightly poopinmymouth’s tutorial covers uv mapping, I think it’s the Paramilitary Punk video….

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    Ah right. But to me it just seems to me that using Reactor for this purpose is a way of over-complicating a process that in itself is already complicated.

    But again, I have never used this method, so that is all assumption on my part.

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    Jesus that is fuckin’ nuts! I find the Paul Steed method versatile enough to unwrap any model, with full control over placement and scale of clusters from the edit mesh modifier. I swear by it

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    Hopefully a new feature in Max 8 will be the “Unwrap any model perfectly” button…..

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    that would be sweet !! :D

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