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    what video editing software does everyone use??? any recommendations?

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    adobe premier ??

    or free option is Microsoft Movie Maker which come with xp

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    adobe premier is quite good (free trial from the site), pinnacle studio, ulead video studio, but premier combied with after effects is probably the best. My brother in law who works as an editor for GMTV uses these two and swears by them

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    If you have a MAC then use Final Cut Pro. It is superior to Premiere, and when used in conjunction with Compressor, Shake and Motion is pretty much peerless when it comes to desktop video editing and composition.

    On PC, then Premiere would be your best bet.

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    thanks will give premiere / premier a go then. :D

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    Also, check this ( free, open-source ) app out…



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    thats great mal! thanks!

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    I found Video Vegas fantastic. I do VJ sets, but whenever a client needs a rundown of a night, i just slap it togeter with Vegas.

    Its simple but functional.
    If your looking to add effect and such, id use Pinacle or Adobe Premier.

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    I use Vegas because it integrates with the rest of the Sony multimmedia suite, most importantly soundforge

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    VirtualDub is good for a basic, free, open source video editor: http://www.virtualdub.org/

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    Virtual dub is more a program for converting video format and adding simple filters, does not really contain timeline features and proper editing tools. I think we will go for mals suggestion anyway, open source is always a good option. Vegas and premier are powerful tools but the cost is also an issue

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    I use Vegas because it integrates with the rest of the Sony multimmedia suite, most importantly soundforge[/quote:60951f4cae]

    i found soundforge in my short stink of audio composing for games to be really annoying, limited and out classed by other programs such as Reason, logic pro ( one of the best ) and cuebase.

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    I’m not too pushed about which editor I use, soundforge is the one I settled on because of it power. If you are able to do soundforge jobs on a combination of Reason, logic pro and cubase then you probably are only using the most basic of soundforge features.

    I mean techniaclly you could do all your work in Reason, it has all the tools, its just that I feel integrated suites handle workflow better and save me time and effort.

    And yes I do use Reason and cubase as well as few other bits, its just my editor is where it all ends up in the end

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