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    hi all

    we’re running a live trial of one of our game components next week and was wondering if anyone wanted to volunteer their services?

    The way the thing works is that we’re having a gaming session in one of the net cafes in Dublin (sorry anyone outside the pale; mal, torc etc.) next tuesday (16th). The game has a built-in billing/scoring element so that whenever you kill someone you win some credit (about 10c) and whenever you get killed you lose some (about 13c). It’s basically a competition.

    We’re using Quake 3 as the game for a couple of technical reasons but also because it’s got a nice arcadey feel to it. Oh, and you’ll be supplied with credit to play the game-the whole thing is completely free. What we want to see is how people enjoy/hate the type of gameplay that emerges etc and that the billing component of the whole thing behaves. And yes, we can probably guess some of this ourselves but we’d really like to see what other people make of it.

    That’s about it. We’ve space for about twelve people. So if you’re interested, drop me a mail (dylan.collins@demonware.net) and i’ll get you full details.

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    Should be able to make it.

    I didnt realise that Demonware were working on a pay per play model…and isnt 3 cents per frag cost pretty extreme :)


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    well, we’re working on a couple of multiplayer tech components. This billing thing is something we’re looking at which is related to the network stuff. The reason for the trial is to see what everyone else thinks.

    Haven’t completely finalised the numbers yet but as it is, sure isn’t it an incentive to kill whoever fragged you ;-)

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    final bit of info for people interested in our pay-to-frag trial. It all takes place in DoesNotCompute in Temple Bar (Essex St. West, just off Parliament St.-www.doesnotcompute.ie). We’re kicking off at 8pm on tues 16th (tomorrow) so if you want to drop in, there may be a few vacancies left (as I’m sure a few people won’t turn up).


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