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    With work going to calm down now, and I’m back programming I also want to hanker to my artistic side(its how I wind down after hours of programming). I’m basically looking for an art tablet, I already have a Wacom graphire 2 but find it too small and not very sensitive so I’m looking to upgrade. I’m thinking the Intuos3 A4 tablet. Is it worth the money or will it just be the same as the graphire. I basically find it very hard to work under such a small area and its difficult to motivate myself. I use to do a lot of player skins a few years back, so it’d be really for game textures and drawing.

    I’d appreciate any advice.

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    I’ve used an A6 one for a few years now, but I just got a laptop with a widescreen ratio and I find it difficult to use so I’m thinking of upgrading to a bigger size. I’d say go for the A4, but only if you’re sure you’ll use it.

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    It really depends on your habits and your drawing style. Not the style your drawings are, but the style of hand movements you are used to.

    If you have been using an A6 for a long time, you have probably gotten used to very small movements, using mostly your fingers and wrist.
    But with an A4, you are gonna have to change that.
    Look at how you draw on paper, on an A4. Do you do like me and immediately fold it in half, so you feel comfy, or on the other hand, do you feel constrained and use big hand gestures?

    Most people who do Fine Arts kinda courses will have learnt to use big hand gestures, to draw on big canvas, to paint, etc. They’ll feel quite at home with bigger sized tablet, like A4.
    But if you are more of a margin doodler, a corner-of-a-napkin scribbler, A4 is probably gonna be a bit of a learning curve, and might not be worth the money you’ll spend to get it. In this case, I’d say go for an A5.
    I’m personally a miniature sort of drawer (like, I paint miniatures, really small ones. And all my drawing is about the minute details that you can’t see unless you really look close) and I felt quite lost when I first got my A5. Had it setup so I was only actually using a small portion of it.
    Took me about a year to get used to the space, and know, 4 years later, I feel quite comfy with it, but I’d use an A6 no problem.

    Just my opinion (I have been using Wacom for the last 4 years, now)

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    Yeah I was the same as you Pete, use to use it on my laptop with a widescreen lcd. Found it difficult to work with. Think I’ll go for in the end its only money :wink:

    I’d probably be a mix, working in both big hand gesture and small details. It really depends on what I’m drawing. I haven’t drawn in over a year now and its a shame as it something I always enjoyed. As I’m still putting together my site I’ve been going through some of my old work and its made me want to get back into it. Might spur me into finishing the site as well…

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    :lol: LOL, I know the feeling…
    hopefully with the gaming course, my creative juices are gonna start flowing again :)

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    i have been using an A5 intuos 2 for a few years now and i think it is great. i would like to upgrade to something bigger too, but as the others say it is all about what you feel comfortable with. what i will say though is the we recently got in a few extra intuos 3s in work and i just don’t think they are as good as the intuos 2. the main problem i find is the new zoom buttons on each side. they are so sensitive that it i very easy to zoom in and out of a pic by accident!! this can be really annoying. maybe this would not be a problem on larger tablets, but on the A5 it is a pain. i also feel that the intuos 2 feels sturdier and more responsive. if i do get a bigger tablet i’m going to stick with intuos 2…..

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    Anyone else had experiene with the Intuos3 series… I can get the A4 Intuos2 Oversized USB from dabs for 50 sterling more…(the normal A4 is almost 100 more though its serial)

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    good lord, when I think I paid my A5 300 Euros, four years ago… nad it’s not even an Intuos :roll:

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    The intuos3 A4 is 345.99… whats funny is I’m pretty sure I paid around 250 Sterling for the graphire and its only A6….

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