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    This is directed mostly at the programmers here…

    In the coming era of 100+ dev teams, what creative control will any of us have? I expect to have a list of preorganised things I have to be doing that is going to be decided by someone else and over which I have no input, creative or otherwise.

    So, in effect, how does being in the games industry end up being different from any other job, other then working longer hours and getting paid less?

    Are we not better off getting paid properly for a simple 40 hour week, doing what we want on the side because we want to, not because we are delusional about the creative power we possess to the point we are simply being taken advantage of?


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    If you work for a ‘factory’ company like, dare I say it, EA, you’re probably already on a near 100 man team. If you’re not working for a company like that, well I don’t see 100 man teams being the norm for a long long time and I think its a redundant question.

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