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    how come sometimes if i go to gamedevelopers.ie on different computers, with different user accounts, it always says welcome r_mc_gowan?!?!!?!?

    weiirddddddd :shock:

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    Have you logged in from those computers before?

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    Nope. never before. when the other users check their inbox, it goes to their messages, but when they go to the home page again, it says ” welcome r_mc_gowan”

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    You have programmed in some ESP code again haven’t you Dave…..tut tut tut

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    Actually, I think it was my patented typing recognition software which I have installed on every computer in the world with the help of Sony and their excellent DRM software..

    Though, thinking about it, it could also have been my orbital mind control lasers causing people to log into gamedevelopers in the middle of the night while sleepwalking.


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    thanks for the mature answer there skyclad

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    Well logic would tell us that it is impossible for the computer to somehow “know” your login details unless you, or someone else using your details, has logged into the computer before.
    Therefore either you have logged into those computers before and forgotten about it. Or someone has your login details.

    Either way, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for Dave to do anything about it.

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    well noop, i have never logged onto those computers before, or logged onto gamedevelopers and no one knows my login details. could it b anything to do with me updatin my skills profile?? i was only sayin as it was quite odd 4 computers on this site havin my name in the top corner. :P

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    It’s most likely the set-up of your LAN. By the look of it, internet details are being shared across the whole network. Check your security and sharing settings.

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    Aye, sorry bout earlier comments, hard day at work and all that (as in I actually did some…).

    There’s nothing in the setup of the site that would make the PCs be logged in automatically. 2 things I would do:
    1) See if the internet cache is shared for all the machines in the room. You could be feeding from the college cache rather than a local or from the actual site.
    2) When it happens hit CTRL-F5. If it brings you back to the login style page, then you know its a cached page.


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    cheers dave, no probs bot comments.

    thanks for the help.

    – Richard

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    Probably just a wee glitch somewhere, the network internet chache is not shared at noribic, however upon leaving last night I did check it again and it seemed fine, what ever it was its fixed now :D

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