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    I was chatting about this with a friend who’s also a regular here. Basically we’ve been looking into Swansea as one possibility for university. I recently read Peter’s Scottish thread so thought it would be worth giving this a go.

    Does anyone know of any studios based in Wales? Been racking my brain but I can’t think of any. They’re all in England, Scotland and Ireland.

    It would be good to know of companies around there. Thanks! :)

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    Hiya Ronny,
    Just so happens I came across this a few weeks ago:

    Broadsword Interactive, the developers of Dance:UK

    This small but energetic and successful team, located in an idyllic coastal town in Wales, designs and produces games for the PC and consoles. The company also provides a conversion service to and from the PC, Mac, and Playstation formats from concept to delivery. Their current project is Dance:UK for PS1 and PS2.

    Dance UK – Press Release

    Broadsword’s Site

    That’s one anyway! There’s gotta be more.


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    Also these guys…


    and there’s bound to be a games company n the welsh town of…



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    Thanks, guys! From what I’ve seen there’s a real effort to attract more development companies to Wales as well as trying to bring about more start-ups. Sound slightly familiar?

    I see what you’re getting at Mal, but the URL problem our site’s having just saved us from your joke attempt. ;)

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    There is Llamasoft too ofcourse ;)

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    swansea university got a games related course?

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    Hmmm…just tride doing a search for companies in wales on gamesindustry.biz and it turned up nothing :(

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    A very interesting read on the Llamasoft history page. Sure it’s just some guy rambling on about his life, but that’s the point. :)

    Certainly has, Peter. They actually have two of interest. One is the 3D Animation degree and the other is in Creative Computer Games Design. EDIT: That’s actually the Swansea Institute of Higher Education, which like Swansea University, is also part of the University of Wales.



    Too bad Gamasutra has no links to any Welsh companies. I found the same with most sites.

    Just one of the good things that I like about Swansea is that there’s a boat heading to Cork every day. Means if I end up going there I won’t be missing the shindigs!

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    there is indeed a boat alright. although i wonder are flights as cheap now, when you book well in advance.

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