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    Alright Guys ( And Gals…)

    Here’s the story. Looking for some games to play over Christmas, and I’m way behind. Just starting to get into Thief 3 : Deadly Shadows (that’ll give you an indication as to how far behind I am…)

    Anyway, I’ve had my eye on

    The Suffering

    for quite some time now, and was wondering if its worth playing. Does anyone know who the developers , publishers & distributors are?

    Any info appreciated…

    And if there are any other essential titles people would recommend for the PC, please list them accordingly.

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    Currently playing The Movies…not sure what to make of it, seems very much like Theme Park/Theme Hospital. Gave up on Call of Duty 2 single player, nothing new really disappointed with it. Multiplayer is ok, but again nothing fantastic. Also playing a bit of Battlefield 2 again…

    Hopefully I won’t play too much over Christmas, contract is up with my current employer at the end of February, so I really have to pull the finger out

    Am tempted to get an xbox 360, but then as I said before I’ll buy one or two games and then never look at it again… :?

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    Heh, you think thats far behind? I’m currently on Hitman 2 and I have games as far back as Alice, Severance: Blade Of Darkness and Soul Reaver to go back to. :D

    As for what I’ll be playing over the Christmas…

    Probably F.E.A.R or Quake 4, Star Wars: KOTOR and Baldurs Gate 2: Throne Of Bhaal or some combination of those…

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    Severance keeps coming up in conversations. Is it as good as everyone says it is?

    As for Hitman, not really a fan, but I get the “Sam Fisher Gone Bad” vibe.

    F.E.A.R. is on my Hit-List.

    KoToR II was fantastic. (But I never played the first one…) Hadn’t played a Star Wars game THAT good since Jedi Outcast.

    Anybody got anything to say about Fable or XIII ?

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    Yea Severance is basically a fancy Golden Axe, I’m not expecting much more to be honest.

    Oh yea, still have the 3 Splinter Cells to play…

    Well if you liked KoToR II then you’ll love the original since its meant to be rather better…

    I have XIII here too but havnt gotten around to playing it. Fable is meant to be pretty good too…

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    Fable is okay. I didn’t fully get into it….not sure why, cos it should have made me want more and more.
    XIII is okay too. Really liked the look and feel, but again, there was something amiss that I couldn’t put my finger on.

    I picked up King Kong on Friday. Very pretty :)

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    3 games over Xmas really
    Mario Kart DS – Simply cuz its mario kart but now I can destroy people somewhere else on this rock
    Nintendogs – Woof!
    Midway Arcade Treasures 3 – SUPER OFF ROAD DUDE!!! WITH NEW TRACKS!!!!!

    And maybe some halo 2, GTA:SA and warhammer DOW to fill in the gaps

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    Alright Guys ( And Gals…)

    The Suffering

    for quite some time now, and was wondering if its worth playing. Does anyone know who the developers , publishers & distributors are?


    Developer is Surreal isnt it? and publisher is midway. Havent played it myself but friends of mine say its shit scary. really one for the lights out and the dolby 5.1. AI is meant to be pretty good in it, because the guys who did it have done a few conference papers on it. Good conferences; AAAI etc. I reckon ill try to pick it up myself in the next few weeks. Should find in the bargain bins now, coz the sequel is out.

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    The suffering, I bought it twice for the Xbox…both times it failed to load…dic error. That was ‘fun’. I really wanted to play it…guess I’ll have to pick up a copy for PC.

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    mario kart ds (can’t wait for this)


    half life 2, I know this is a must play game but with finishing college and starting work I never got a chance :cry:

    roll on christmas

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    See thats why you put college on haitus…just for those kind of events! :D

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    i will mostly be playing “Final Year Course work: please kill me” and “Xml: A time to revise”…. maybe some halo 2 live and oddworld: SW

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    Yea Severance is basically a fancy Golden Axe,[/quote:8e69c8f60e] yes it is god bless it, and may it live on in our hearts for many years to come. Its a simle, no brainer hack and slash with enough skill to keep you interested, but no so much as to scare you off. Perfect time off fodder.

    And as for Fable, you know Molyneux apologised for that heap of trash don’t you? It does very little of what it says on the tin, unless of course your tin is labelled “under cooked vegetable matter”.

    The morality only seems to really affect your image, very little is closed to you regardless of your allignment. The game is mostly about customising the image of your character, only to have it ruined because as you gain skills you age, and its pretty rapid.

    I tried playing it a lot to get deep into it, probably was the depth wan’t there. Play it if you have it otherwise read a good book

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    Molyneux apologised for the title? Jaysus! Ok, well thanks for the heads up, and I’m really looking forward to Severance now, as everyone seems to think it is a milestone in good gaming.

    Whats the public opinion of Thief 3? (don’t ruin any plot stuff, I just started it)…

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    The cradle level is pure genius…very creepy. Street bits a bit cack though. Quite enjoyable storyline overall.

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    mario kart ds (can’t wait for this)


    half life 2, I know this is a must play game but with finishing college and starting work I never got a chance :cry:

    roll on christmas[/quote:85d69325fd]Half-life 2 didn’t nearly live up to its predecessor.

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    Half-life 2 didn’t nearly live up to its predecessor.[/quote:f30f9d9da5]

    Unfortunately true, I got mine as a gift and I still feel cheated, its the mod community that will make or erase HL2’s place in gaming history, if there’s nothing new, and exceptional released for it then I’ll probably remember it as a cash in sequel.

    As for MKDS I hope it lives up to the hype, I didn’t like double dash at all

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    try playin a mortal kombat game they jus keep on goin and goin.
    been playin 4* 2 years still luv them :shock:

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    WOOOOOOOOOOOOAH! Who said HL2 was a cash in or anything less than fantastic?? :shock:

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    My god I thought I was the only one on the planet who thought Half Life 2 was just a cash-in. Nothing about it made me feel like the first time I played its predecessor. FarCry is so much better.

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    Although it wasnt as long as the original HL, HL2 rocked totally. I mean, u can pick a toilet and throw it at someone at break neck speeds, now where else can u do that? Weapons might not have been as good either (misses tau cannon and the little bug thingies) But u have the gravity gun which rocks on a black sabbath scale, crossbow is a million times better this time round too. Not to mention graphics, physics, sound, AI etc. Oh and the mysterious G-Man popping up in places where u wouldnt expect is well cool. There will be a sequal to this sequal but if they wanted a cash in on the game, this would have been released years ago.

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    you know, I was just playing HL2 last night, for the third time or so, and I have to admit, gameplay-wise it’s good. Solid play.
    But seriously, it’s just not as, I dunno, engaging as the first one.
    I finally got it “offically” registered, but honestly, if it weren’t for the voucher, I dunno if I would have bothered…

    The HDR map, on the other hand… *Drools*… that’s really enjoyable. That little “Lost Coast” map is the sort of thing I would have absolutely loved to see more of in the game.

    But I think there is just some sort of cohesion lacking in the game.

    And that whole Steam bullshit is just frustrating. I mean, we got it working here in the college, and that’s sweet. But if you haven’t got broadband, you are pretty much hoffed! What kind of way is that to treat your gamers?! If I hadn’t been able to procure myself a cracked version, I would still be waiting for it.
    Funnier, even, is my mate who _bought_ the freaking CD, and is still waiting to play the damn game!!! (he bought it cos he was happy enough to play my version in French, but thought that the game was good enough to deserve his cash… turns out _he_ is not good enough for Steam)


    I am absolutely dying to play Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. But since it won’t apparently install on my 64bit XP Pro, I am waiting.
    The demo has me drooling all over the place, though. Much better than Thief in my opinion.
    Thief has my respect for inventing the sneaker genre, but Splinter Cell is just way better IMHO in terms of pure gameplay.

    I want to play some sort of roleplaying game, too. I need my fix or roleplaying. Badly. Maybe I’ll have to go and finish Baldur’s Gate 2 after all (I hated the ADnD rules with a passion). Or maybe I’ll get my hands on a juicy Neverwinter Night Platinum package, that would be sweet.

    I’d absolutely love to play something like Severance, that would really be enjoyable. Anything similar?

    May I recommend getting a NeoGeo emulator, and play the King of Fighters series, and Metal Slug series, too? :)

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    HL2 suffers from from exactly the same problem that most of Molyneux’s games suffer from. Developers promising too much.

    The physics is not implemented in a consistent way, the AI for friendly characters is rubbish (many of the enemies aren’t too hot either). The finale is far too easy (I happened to like how the plot went, its the gameplay I’m complaining about).

    It played like a tech demo to me, I finished in 2 or so days and haven’t felt compelled to play again.

    As for the the throw toilets thing? Time Splitters: Future Perfect for one. And in HL you can’t throw everything all the time. You can shunt that car but not this one, that radiator is a potential weapon, but that one is stuck.

    Saying it’s crap might be an exaggeration, but who says its less than fantastic? I’d reckon most people who don’t have ‘valve fanboy’ tattooed to their forehead

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    Played the suffering on the xbox over the summer with flat mates. The 4 of us took turns playin cos its too dam scary to play on ur own. I`m serious 4 23+ yr olds screamin our heads off in a fully lit room, lookin around at the corners just incase anything came out of the xbox an was sneakin up behind us. There are some great scripted sequences in it but if u plan on gettin any sleep over the hols dont play this game. Its been 3 months an i can nearly turn the lights out at nite again. Nearly.

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    La Frenchman (Philippe) mentioned Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter Nights. What did you guys make of them?

    Any of you guys roll dice for real, like on a table, with costumes, and all the rest?

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    The problem with games like Half-Life and Half-Life 2 was that once you are blown away by the original its incredibly hard to repeat the feat. HL2, for me, was fantastic and although I wasnt AS blown away as with the original it was still a memorable experience. I’ll agree with the finale being a wee bit easy but at least it wasnt as boring as Xen!

    As for the cash in comments…well if that was Valves attempt at a cash in I’d hate to see how long it will take them to develop Half-Life 3 if they decide to take their time with it. :lol:

    Oh and as for the Gravity Gun, well bar the uber version of it found later and the comic nature of the toilets, I have to point out the circular saw blades as my favourite object to be manipulated, so much fun in Ravenholm!

    Hrm, judging by Lost Coast I’m still a wee bit sceptical of HDR in Source. Sure it has some nice features but there were so many things that looked rubbish upon closer inspection in the tech demo. I mean the cliffs look really cool from a distance with the slime and refection but actually walk up close to them and you’ll be mightly unimpressed. Its meant to be used really well in DoD:S though…

    philippe_j, I too am not a massive fan of D&D but I jsut picked up the basics as i went along and was still able to enjoy it, expecially the narrative.
    As for a modern Severance, well the only thing never afaik will be found on consoles. Third Person Hack and Slash arent really the PCs forte. There was Enclave/Enclave II aswell though, might wana check those out but there not meant to be as good.

    Oh and Final Burn Alpha is the King of Arcade/Neo Geo emulation, check that out.

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    Midway Arcade Treasures 3 – SUPER OFF ROAD DUDE!!! WITH NEW TRACKS!!!!!

    Super Offroad Rulez! 8) Speifically got MAT3 just to play it.

    Dawn Of War
    Quake 4 (I was a fan of Quake 2 Not anything new but a good fun game.)

    Has anyone actually played any good “new” mainstream games lately? Indie stuff seems to be way better ATM.

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    Yeah, HL2 just didnt do it for me. I bought it last christmas but fell into the steam trap. I just managed to register it recently (thats a 11month wait), and played it for the first time a week ago. It was short. Too short. I can appreciate the work that went into it, and dont fault anyone for thinking its a great game, but there was just so much more lacking. And my main gripe was with the Allied NPC AI. “Hey everybody, follow Gordon”. They were just stupid. So I just put them all in a corner and threw a grenade in :wink:
    And tbh, FEAR left me feeling the same way.
    *Oh look, a dark corridor, lets walk down it. Oh no the lights went off! I wonder when that little girl will appear……oh look there she is!! *
    Although, I have to admit, the AI in was pretty sweet.
    CoD2 was a bit slow to start, but the american campaign really picks it up at the end.

    Id recommend sticking with Theif3, Im loving that game at the moment, and also The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from butcher bay is worth the look.

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    Hrm, I got a couple of jumps out of the FEAR demo but I’ve yet to play the full game. I played through the first level of Quake 4 and its pretty sweet, multiplayer did nothing for me though.

    Chronicles Of Riddick is a truely ninja game and its compeltely underated imho.

    What do you mean by new mainstream games btw? The last games I’ve played were HL2, Prince Of Persia/ Pop: WW, Max Payne / MP2, COR:EFBB and FarCry, all of which I enjoyed even if I was abit disappointed with FarCry…

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    What games to play @ Xmas? mmmh… Away so I shan’t have access to my beast of a PC to up my BF2 stats some, I’ve all but given up on consoles (bar my trusty, battered and Frequent Flyer Miles-champion SP), so I guess Solitaire on my Izzi Pro will be my lot… :cry:

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