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      I’d really like to know Where they all get the majority of their gaming information and what they look for in a game?

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      Aphra K

      I’d like to know what platforms people play on and if there is much crossover between them e.g. PC/console etc..

      How many hours a week on average they play..

      Do they play online games? What type..MMORPGs, free web games, network PC/console games..etc..

      oh, and the usual demographic stuff, sex, age, location…


      (part-time sociologist!)

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      What makes a game good:Realism or Abstraction?

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      (a) why do they play games? (similar surveys have yielded some surprising results to this question)

      (b) why do they play the games they play? (similar to above question, but aimed at drilling down into genre, preferred game-play styles, licences vs. original content, etc.)

      (c) what about games really bug them? (e.g. having to download patches for PC games; games too short/too long/too repetitive/too difficult; dodgy AI; crap UI; lazy level design; too few save points in console games, etc.)

      (d) do ratings on the cover affect their purchases?

      (e) how do they decide to buy? (eg. word of mouth, online reviews, magazine/newspaper reviews, TV advertising, after playing demos, watching pre-release AVIs, etc.)

      (f) how long have they been playing games?

      (g) have they ever purchased downloaded games/shareware?

Viewing 4 reply threads
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