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    It’s definately worth a quick look.

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    wayhey best game ever!
    took me 18 go’s.. :)
    nicely done my office are all playing it now..

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    love the facial expressions

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    Skyclad :D lol

    made me smile anyway … that music is pure class ! love the Dmitri from Paris sound

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    I thought this is a very clever bit of work…

    Now if I was to think about reverse engineering it, I’d probably capture some video footage of real people sitting on a couch. Wing it on over into After Effects, and cut it up into small chapters, and apply some form of “toon render/filter” to video footage. Then export it as a .Mov or even a sequence of frames into flash, and jump about the timeline based on mouse location.

    The filesize is amazing, 750k or so, and thats including sound.

    Apart from actually drawing the stuff out by hand, can anyone think of other ways to achieve the same effect, and maintain small filesizes?

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    or you could just convert the video to flash video, and import it into a flash scene…the video timeline gets directly mapped to the flash timeline….just make sure the fps are the same for both. :)

    Flash video can be fairly well compressed too. Though to be honest I’ve only dabbled with it

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    thats good, but how you handle the “toon-like” look of the digital video?

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