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    currently there are 7 or 8 courses active in Ireland (from this September) an dmost have links to the local industry here

    regradless of where you choose to study, you should be aware that you have very little chance of walking into a job as a game designer as this is not an entry level position

    if you are serious about breaking into the industry, would you not look to capitalise on your localisation engineering experience?

    you could also try the schools listed here: http://www.igda.org/breakingin/resources.htm or check out Edge each month for the addresses of courses inthe UK. With over 30 courses running there annually, you’re bound to find something cheaper than the US

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    well entering into the best part of a hundred grant probably shouldnt be done likely. Perhaps work off your previous experience and try to move up the ranks in a company to become a designer?

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    Aphra K

    Ballyfermot have a design oriented course…and perhaps something in that line would be a good start. Also new courses in Ireland are increasingly linked to Irish and UK companies.

    It might take quite a while to pay back the debts you would make going to college in the US, esp. on an entry level game job – I for one decided not to go to the US to do my PhD for that reason


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