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    Whoring out Star Wars merchandise for the rest of his days? It would seem not. Well, yes he will but not just that….

    Read more on Wired:


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    100 episodes of a live action tv show, that’ll be interesting to see what they’re gonna do with it. I’ve heard Kevin Smith (director of clerks,mallrats,chasing amy,dogma, and jay and silent bob) is willing to direct some of it. Though lucas has said he’s gonna do the entire 1st series i think.

    As long as it’s got a lot of action and a few nice cameos it should be good. it’s all pre ANH as far as i know.

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    At last something to replace star trek!!!

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    Star trek has got a bit rubbish hasn’t it.

    I was really into it when i was younger, hadn’t seen enterprise until really recently, the theme tune nearly made me vomit, it’s like some sort of OC in space. put me off it completely.

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    Truly, it was an ultimate let down, bring back the days of STTNG

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    Firefly was looking really promising until they canned it. Far too liberal for FOX apparently :(


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    Their making a movie out of firefox called serenity.
    heres a lnik to the trailer if your interested…


    …and your right about Startrek, It went too “Christians in Space” at the end for me too take it seriously anymore.

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    Have watched the trailer, am definately looking forward to it. One thing about the series was teh quality of acting straight out of the blocks, with most of the other Sci fi Series it seems like it takes a season or two before the actors really discover who/what they are meant to be playing.

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    Enterprise is getting better this season (despite efforts at jazzing up the music it is still appaling). Nice storyline recently involving the Vulcans and how Archer & Co. get them off their backs. The romulans make and appearance and the story a few weeks back about the augments and Data’s dad was nice.

    I’ve always thought the show had great potential, filling in gaps, telling back story etc. but never really lived up to it. Looks like this season it’s gettin g it’s act together. A little too late, alas.


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    Whats next for George Lucas?

    Death hopefully?

    (a bit too harsh?)

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    HARSH!!!!! :evil:

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    Sure, he wants to expand his empire (so to speak), and introduce new technologies (like THX etc), but haven’t these all enhanced the industry (and other parallel industries – including games)[/quote:4864a926cf]
    How’s that any different from Bill Gates ?

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    George Lucas is appearing the TV sries “The O.C.” as himself…


    thats what he’s doing next..,
    go figure?

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    How’s that any different from Bill Gates ?[/quote:e87a91b3b6]

    I think most people would agree that Lucas’ influence on Cinema and it’s related industries, including games, would be largely positive, whereas Gates’ record is not quite so clean… I’m thinking lawsuits, monopolies, security flaws, instability, plaguarism etc.

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    Maybe he’s not been ‘clean’, but if you can’t seriously say he hasn’t added to the computer world.

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    No, I wouldn’t be THAT naive.

    I’m merely making the distinction between two industry leaders who seem to approach their work with widely differing ethos.

    One I have the utmost respect for, the other I distrust and suspect.

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    Yeah, Lucas’ beard is strangely disturbing :p

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    It will be like the “Christmas Specials” all over again… :p

    Seriously though, could be a very good series if he lets other people direct it.
    The series will apparently be set between “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope”. Which does make sense.
    Someone also asked him about doing a series set in the “Knights of the Old Republic” era, and he said something like, “if we do this we will consider all eras”, or something like that.

    They would do well to hire a few of the Bioware writers for the series, those guys made a fantastic job of Knights.

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    Heres some more info on Mr Beardy Pants and what he’s up to


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    Some episode iii pics aswell if any of you guys are interested


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    Must… not… view… spoilers…

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    And next, there will be black sabers…

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    …god how I loved Sam N’ Max! :D

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