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    While we’re on the subject of appointments at Nephin ;) Another bit of news you might be interested to hear…

    Paul Conway or as some of you might know him “Max Marshall” from the boards here, has just joined Nephin Games in the role of pixel artist. Paul has already started producing some really fantastic work and we are very excited to have him on the team so watch out for his unique artwork in upcoming Nephin titles!


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    Glad Nephin finally got that most sought after pixel artist. Well done on the job, Paul!

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    Good luck in the new post Paul, two fingers to 3G!!

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    Well done Paul and good luck, Looking forward to seeing some of your work :wink:

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    Well done Panty Puller…

    Jay+Car+Skid marks….

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    congrats, Paul… no more sales talk for you, eh?!

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    Thanks folks, I appreciate all the support. I’m having lots of fun doing the work. Rock and roll!

    Good to say goodbye to my “retail whore” life and go into a job I really enjoy. no more selling my soul a euro at a time to people who hate you for trying to help them.

    two fingers to 3G mobile indeed

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    congratulations!!! well done

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