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    Friend of mine, not me, is considering a Job with PopCap Games, who are expanding into Ireland, it seems.

    If anyone has any experience or knowledge of this outfit, I would be grateful if you would contact me privately via PM.

    I’ve never heard of them.



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    i’ve played 2 of there games, zuma and bejeweled, both are good fun

    zuma was a small pc game that was available as a download and had bejeweled on my old phone

    going from the job section of their site, which is http://www.popcap.com/

    they’re only in the states now, but popcap ireland is mentioned for Q1 2006

    no jobs listed for ireland yet but still good to see companies moving here

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    Aphra K

    I seem to remember someone mentioning PopCap in relation to TKO Software…could be wrong on this and maybe someone else can confirm..


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    PopCap hired the TKO Ireland staff after TKO went a bit downhill. They are currently porting and localising their current games, and I think they eventually have plans to develop orginal content over here too.

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    played zuma before, seriously addictive game. :D

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    I believe that they are loaded $$$. They are numero uno for casual games as far as I am aware…

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    Thankyou all, I’ve informed my friend of your comments, private and public. Much appreciated.


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    If you are a developer, PopCap have their own framework that you can download and use for free…


    It’s completely free to use for casual games, with just a requirement for you to mention in your documentation that you used their framework, and that you consider ( no requirement ) publishing with them, if your game is good.


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