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    Any budding female gamers interested in the following competition?


    What do you say Aphra? You know any up there in Coleraine?

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    Bit of a strange competition for the conference isn’t it.
    A games conference with a competition entirely about marketing ??

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    Our least favourite thing (apart from students that are also DJs) is women who write about the games industry “from a woman’s perspective”.

    Sadly, “from a woman’s perspective” always means “I’m going to moan for 1500 words about how I don’t think enough women make games”.

    The below article has lots of points where women agree with the woman that not enough women make games. It also uses the words “disingenuous” which is probably something to with periods or chocolate.[/quote:dafd06e893]

    ah, bless http://www.ukresistance.co.uk

    From the guardian arctile:

    The University of Abertay, Dundee, which has Britain’s longest-running computer gaming degree, has seen a gradual rise in the number of female students since the university began giving promotional lectures in schools. Inga Paterson, a tutor on Abertay’s computer arts degree, who is organising this year’s Women In Games conference, says: “Teachers have a positive influence on students’ choice. And it’s not just the girls; it’s raising awareness that there are creative jobs in the games industry for everyone.” When Paterson was studying an architecture degree, she recalls, there was a similar gender skew, but this balanced out as the industry grew in recognition.[/quote:dafd06e893]


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    Aphra K

    Darwen – I would be in favour of any initiatives to increase the proportion of women in the games industry – wonder why they choose marketing tho – I would suspect that this job area might actually have an ok representation of women…

    Kyotokid – I guess if more guys complained about the lack of women in the industry the women wouldn’t have to…!! (will shortly be preparing my well balanced and well researched rant!)


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