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      The research found that among the roughly 117 million Active Gamers in the U.S. in 2006, more than half (56%) play games online, and that 64% of all online gamers are women.

      Moreover, while gaming has conventionally been thought of as a solitary experience, the new study reveals that Active Gamers spend upwards of 5 hours a week playing games socially, led by teenagers who are socially involved in gaming about 7 hours per week.

      The research also shows that although teenagers continue to comprise the largest percentage (40%) of Active Gamers, more than 15 million of these gamers (almost 8%) are now 45 years or older. While women make up nearly two- thirds of all online gamers, men still outnumber women in the overall video game universe by more than two-to-one.

      More from the press release:

      [*:c9933457e8]Though older females make-up the largest percentage of casual gamers, active gamer teens and young adults also comprise a considerable portion of this market, with more than half playing casual games an hour or more a week.

      [*:c9933457e8]Demonstrating a loyal fan base, the majority of Active Gamers who say they usually pre-order a title, or buy it the first day of its release,choose Role Playing games. But while such games typically are thought of as catering to the older gaming audience, they are the most popular genre among active game playing teens.

      [*:c9933457e8]With next-generation gaming building steam, what will drive Active Gamers to these advanced console platforms will be the desire for better graphics and richer game play experiences.[/list:u:c9933457e8][/quote:c9933457e8]

      DailyTech articles and the interview

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      Active Gamer Benchmark Study were conducted online from July 3rd to July 9th with 2,200 Active Gamers[/quote:d6a1d9f618]
      Apart from that figure being far to small to guage accurate statistics I’m still going to call bs on this…unless I’m missing something else that is? :?

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      We know that women play more games than men; Solitaire and Minesweeper.

      I think this study is pointing out the obvious. Casual games out number all the fps and mmorpgs out there.

      Also, wasnt June when the world cup was on? So that must throw the statistics waaaaaaay out. Half of the global population was staring at the TV making grunting sounds.

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      Come on, folks. This is the 21st century… :roll:

      (Women have too much time on their hands now that they’re not locked up in the kitchen…) :twisted:

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