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      I am currently in transition year in Confey College in Leixlip.
      As part of my course I have to get work 4 weeks work experience 2 in November and 2 in March.

      I am interested in game design and was just wondering if anyone here had any suggestions that could help me get worthwhile work experience.

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      I kinda need some help here.
      Like even advice or what subjects to choose for the leaving.

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      If you want to become a game programmer, focus on maths and physics (IMO).
      If you have dropped those subjects, or they are not your core competencies, then either consider getting extra lessons, or working harder at them.

      If you want to become a game artist, Art and Technical Drawing, and maybe Woodwork (shape/form etc.) would help.

      If you want to be a "game designer" – a recently-debated topic about these parts – have a look at on of the existing threads on Game Development Courses.

      As for work experience – beg your way into any studio in Dublin for as long as they will host you. Expect to do nothing but make cups of tea – and anything you get above that will be great. You’ll most likely soak up information just from being there and chatting to the staff – or watching them work.

      Check out the Digital Hub’s company directory for a list of companies to contact.

      This should get the ball rolling.

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      if you dont get anyone, i might be able to give you some work…

      im a programmer who is contracting for a games studio at the moment. some of the work is doable for someone who is computer literate…you wont need to program any code but you will need to be able to use office proficiently.

      you also need your own pc and internet connection as the work will be from home. i will meet you in person to sign an nda if your interested.

      to be honest, if you can get work in a studio it would be better experience but if you cant, i think this would be a good…

      in fact, i think i will make new post about this!

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      I’m in the same position as you Azoo, I’m looking for work experience with any sort of games design company in Ireland but I can’t find any either.

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      Same advice applies. If your good at maths and physics, then game programming is probably where you want to focus.

      Ask the (very nice) people at Havok, Demonware, Kore, Playfirst if they’ll let you come and make them coffee for a few weeks, and hopefully get something fun to do as well.

      If your artistic (life drawing, sketching, photography, make your own cartoons, etc.) then focus on game art. Same companies in most cases should be begged (as politely as possible) for you to hang out and make them tea.

      If you are neither of the above, and enjoy "playing" games, and feel you have "tons of brilliant ideas for the next Halo" well, then you probably want to become a game designer.

      that particular role (and how to get there) is a hotly debated topic on these forums. There aren’t many companies (if any) in Ireland looking for game designers (well my definition of a game designer differs greatly from others), so you probably want to get in with someone who needs a level designer or a game tester.

      Same thing, ask those companies (all Dublin-based) for that role.


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      There is an Irish Game Developers Group on LinkedIn, perhaps post there too?


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      Im in the same position, I would also like to get work experience with Game Art. I checked the name that jediboy posted, but I cant find the right places. Most just seem to be sites offering downloads…
      Can anyone post up some links that actually go to a game developing company and that has contact details, like and address! :D

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      Research \ Search this forum for past posts?

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      I have my 2 weeks for November but I hope to follow up on some of your suggestions for my march work experiecne.
      Thank you.

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      Hiya. If anyone is around the Northwest and is looking for work experience. Darkwater takes people in on a regular basis for tester roles.

      It’s not exotic and exciting work but it allows you the chance to see how things work.

      Contact me Aaron@Dark-water-studios.com if you happen to be interested.

      I must be pretty clear that our work experience program is not paid so hopefully no one gets the wrong impression.

      The chances of someone being from the Northwest is pretty slim but I thought since I saw this topic I’d just let you guys know.

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      Havok – from their website.
      EU Head Office – Dublin

      The Digital Depot
      Thomas Street
      Dublin 8

      Tel: +353 1 472 4300
      Fax: +353 1 671 0022

      Kore – again from their website.
      11 East Essex Street
      Temple Bar, Dublin 2

      T: +353 1 672 5852
      F: +353 1 686 5291

      please email your resume in a standard Word or PDF document to jobs@playfirst.com.

      Gala – from their website

      Gala Networks Europe, Ltd.
      The Digital Exchange, Crane St
      Dublin 8, Ireland

      For more information on Gala Networks Europe, Ltd.
      please contact us at: contact@gpotato.eu

      CanDo Interactive – from their website:

      CanDo Interactive
      3 Wellington Park
      Northern Ireland
      BT9 6DJ

      +44 2890 923 308

      That should get you guys started – so now its up to you guys to show some initiative (as in fairness, it took 3 minutes to get all of the above details using google – so put some effort in), and get on the phone, give these companies a call, and sell yourselves.

      Best of luck in your work-placement hunt.


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      Nice the receptionist at this places are going to get a ton of cold calls ;)

      Although if they are like the majority of other game related studios thats just a daily occurence. Slew of c.v’s, emails, calls from grads, then lunch ;0

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      fair point pete, apologies to any h.r. People out there whose workload sees a surge – but in my defense, all those details were online…

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