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    luck aint playing my way…

    I had a spot in phooka, but unfortunately they can no longer take me.
    Then i had a spot in singularity, but they over booked. :cry:

    My work experience is 13th-17th febuary and i need to get it sorted asap.

    I am 15 years old and attend foyle and londonderry college. I would need it to be prefably in the city of londonderry.

    the main areas i would like to learn about in programing/ creative.

    Any ideas/ willing employers?


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    hmm i remember looking for work experience for college, pitty i ended up just being an IT technician… for like 2 weeks :?

    Good luck with the job searching =D

    Web developement, pleanty of those companies around here…
    http://www.iconebusiness.com <– i believe they’re based in L’Derry

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    wow, im in the same sort of boat

    im looking a placement for all of next year

    as i mentioned before, im on an HND at portadown UBI, Co Armagh, wouldnt mind a programming placement and if it was game oritented then all the better !

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    seeing as there already is a work experience post then ill not bother creating a new one. I too am looking for work experince, I go to Lumen Christi and i’m 16 years old, i need somewhere to go during september 4th-7th (don’t know why we have to have it organised now its not even until the next school year) so far ive tried Phooka and Torc Interactive but neither are available, i need somewhere for those dates, can anyone help me out? I’m willing to travel about a bit, just a bit.

    Thanks in advance


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    I’m willing to travel about a bit, just a bit
    Then it may help to say where you live! :)

    What area you in interested in? Presuming you live in Dublin (doesn’t everyone in the Republic??), you should try a multimedia or computer technology company. The small game development industry in Ireland makes it difficult for students to get work experience specifically in games.

    Good luck, Patrick.

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    well im a norte unfortunatley, from the walled city of Derry and if i don’t get work experince then they are gonna shove me into sainsburys, so ill take a position in any aspect of game programming/design, haven’t really decided what area im gonna go for yet, so im hoping that this work experince will help me decide.

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    Ye’d think so but my careers teacher is a useless piece of equipment (Ironically an IT teacher as well and she doesn’t know Derry’s computer scene) if all fails then ill take up a job in my cousins shop and watch them assemble computers for a week

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    Aphra K

    have you tried the Nerve Centre in Derry. They used to have a pretty good multimedia crew..

    It is pretty hard for graduates to get work experience in the games industry so if you guys are only 16 then that is much tougher..I would certainly broaden your search beyond games companies to IT and multimedia companies given where you live and I guess the fact that you won’t be able to travel far.

    if you are into the more creative side of things look at the creative northern ireland website for ideas about companies.. http://www.creativeni.com/


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    thats a good wee site there aphra, thanks

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