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    Does any about know anywhere near derry that I could go to for work experince? Probably Game development/ 3d level design etc. My work experience starts about the first week of febuary 05


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    Obvious answer would be Torc Interactive their in Muff, just outside Derry. But they do have a sign on their website saying no work placements available at the moment. Although that might not be the case in february i dunno. worth a try. Anyway where else you’ll have to travel to galway or dublin. worth checking out Rare ( in the uk) http://www.rare.co.uk, they always offer internships but they last 1 year.

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    thacks dude, i have found torc and email them :( they said no placements aswell ill try that site. I wonder would any CAD place be ok for work exprerience…. dont know much of them either. You know any in belfast, thats closer than dublin?

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    hey there. check your pms.

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    I have to doubt Rare will take you on

    Blitz and Rebellion (both UK) apparently take interns.

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    Torc is in a town call Muff? Jesus, I must have laughed for 7 minutes straight. Tell me, how good do I have to be to get an intership in Rare? I’m a Max user, but I’m trying to learn Maya myself. Should my modelling and knowledge of Maya be excellent, or can I be mediocre, and just learn how to be good while I’m there?

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