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    luck aint playing my way…

    I had a spot in phooka, but unfortunately they can no longer take me.
    Then i had a spot in singularity, but they over booked. :cry:

    My work experience is 13th-17th febuary and i need to get it sorted asap.

    I am 15 years old and attend foyle and londonderry college. I would need it to be prefably in the city of londonderry.

    the main areas i would like to learn about in programing/ creative.

    Any ideas/ willing employers?

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Hey man,

    Have you tried torc yet?

    Ahh, Foyle college great isn’t it? :)

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    yea they dont take in placements of my age because they are a small company. They only take in people doing a degree if any at all sadly.

    it doesnt really have to be completey gaming related, know of any CAD places or programing?

    Yea foyle is good :D

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    Have you tried seagate as well, that’s where I got a spot for a week many moons ago, I know they had cad peeps in the r&d dept and then general prog. bodies as well, twas delphi at the time.

    Flip in fact 3285 moons ago!! Good luck in finding somat.

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    Have you tried seagate as well[/quote:95200d5836]
    I read yesterday that the Government have announced hundreds of new jobs at Seagate. It could be a great chance to get a work placement sorted!

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