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    Hello their everyone, New to the forums. I am currently doing a course in Software Development in Fas and as part of the course you have to do 4 weeks work experience, I am looking to gain work experience in a games development office as I have applied for a Computer Game Development course in BCFE and I think it would be ideal to get a feel of what it would be like to be a Game Developer. So just wondering do you have any tips or companies you would recommend to try and get work experience, Thank you very much.

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    where are you doing your course?

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    In Finglas, Sorry forgot to mention a company in Dublin.

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    I would suggest you make a list of games companies in Dublin and send them each a letter asking about working experience and stating why you are interested in working in games.

    Probably a good idea to give them send a CV too, even for work experience. Any stuff you have like demos or games you made would probably help too.

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    Thats why I’m asking on here can’t find to many Game Companies in Dublin have a CV and Cover Letter done out an all just need the companies to send them to.

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    There are plenty of companies in Dublin and their locations are not a secret.

    Did you try a phone book yet or some Googling? Looking through some newspapers?

    Walking around Dublin city center and looking at plaques on building doors might get you some addresses. Hell, be brazen, go into reception and hand the letter in yourself!!!

    No one’s going to do your footwork for you. If you really want work xp at a games company surely you can find their offices? Surely you already have some ideas of who to contact?

    I don’t mean to put you down or come across as arrogant.

    Also this link might be a good starting point :):


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    I made a list of companies in Ireland a while back, not sure if I still have it (PopCap, PlayFirst, HMH (educational games), Purplenose Games (haven’t heard a single thing out of them for years), Havok (middleware)… many others)

    Also this: https://gamedevelopers.ie/companies/

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