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    I have recently completed a degree in computer science and software engineering in NUI Maynooth and now am trying to figure out what Im going to do. Found your site here and wondering if you have any advice on getting started in games.

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    Read everything about games, learn how they’re built. Then build a small demo which shows off your abilities.
    Great resource is

    Also amazon etc have a wealth of good books, alot second hand if your strapped for cash.

    If your interested in graphics, build a graphics demo.
    If your interested in AI, build an AI demo.
    Basically, build a demo which shows off your skill and your area of interest. Typically, this demo doesnt have to be very large, so dont spend 2 years developing a demo ;)

    Ideally you should do this with C++ and for graphic demos use some graphics API like Directx\Opengl.

    After you have this send them to various companies along with your c.v. and see what they think.

    Games industry is typically hard to break into because the majority of games companies want experienced staff, although some do take on a few graduates each year and invest in them. Although the competition for these places are stiff. I suspect if you really want to increase your chances some sort of formal education in games might help, skim the boards here for reference to abertay, hull, liverpool etc, who all offer masters in Games. Even closer to home tralee, etc offer courses as post-grads.

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    Get your stuff together and then
    a) Trawl through websites trying to find out who’s hiring, send them cv’s and demos
    b) Register with a games recruitment agency and let them do the leg work for you.

    Doing (b) means it’ll be easier to find the jobs, but some agencies only deal with set companies, so using several works too. Down-side is agencies want a fee from the company for hiring you, so you’ll need to impress that little bit more.

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    Get your stuff together and then
    Trawl through websites trying to find out who’s hiring, send them cv’s and demos

    A good guidline is edge magazine and develop magazine. If their hiring their in there. For example in edge this month the following are advertising;
    Torc, Rare, Climax, Sony to mention but a few.

    Good recruitment agencies are:

    (Most expect you to gave a games portfolio which they can send to their clients)
    Also also advertise.

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