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    Great, we’ve been given a horde of poor remakes of classic film’s the past few years, they’ve destoryed them, now its time for the games. When is hollywood gonna stop churning out rubbish and get back to making films with heart and character, without having to destroy our beloved classics. Surley someone out there has a good idea for a film that doesnt involve copying something else…

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    the magical adventures of skyclad the green elf :oops:

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    As long as they go the Final Fantasy way, I am drooling in advance :roll:

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    that could be a bit of a double-edged sword…if they go the final fantasy way then it will look damn good but they could end up going the way of Final Fantasy:the spirits within…..and bore people to death!

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    I didnt think it was actually that bad, story was a bit all over the place but apart from that I didnt mind it…

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    Did it make any money? Doubt it…

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    Lots of things dont make much money, doesnt really make them bad. There are many games which are very good but failed at retail.

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    Yes, but because it probably lost money, not many people are going to be willing to try do the same kind of thing.

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    Made a bit on DVD sales I think

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    Yes, but because it probably lost money, not many people are going to be willing to try do the same kind of thing.[/quote:1904c4ef92]

    Ah…. got a good point there.

    Pete your sig is great :lol:

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    Wasn’t there already a Starcraft DVD?

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    But I think its just cinematics from the game

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    Pete your sig is great :lol:[/quote:71050f8d10]

    Ta, you’re well on your way down the path to LOVE

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    Well, we all know the terrible fate of Spirits Within, and as much as I regret it, I wasn’t surprised by it.
    What I would like to know is whether Advent Children made any money.
    Because that would be a good sign.

    In any case, I am not so sure a theatre release would be such a big risk for a full3D World of Warcraft movie. You have to remember that Spirits Within was very much a Japanese movie, hence completely obscure for the average American viewer (I’d love to see how well it fared in a Japanese loving country like France, in comparison), whereas World of Warcraft would probably be a bit more European friendly, I am sure.

    Anyway, I suppose I can keep dreaming of a 2 hours long full 3D movie by the Blizzard boys… :roll:

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