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    I know there are probably a few titles that people could think of to fulfill this, but I think we may have a new leader in the field – Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
    Check out the review


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    We want to get a copy of this just for a laugh

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    So did we, but then we watched the video footage of the game….I think I saw enough.

    It would be an excellent buy for academics though. Bring it in to a lecture on “what not to do with a game”, “find whats missing from this game”.

    It must have been the wrong code that got sent to be written to disk….they can’t have thought ‘that’ would sell…did they???


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    Nothing prepared me for the disapointment brought by a purchase of Sacrafice. I was in awe of it at ECTS a few years back. The graphics and effects were lovely…. the characters lovely…and the bloke playing it during the preview was a master, making it look so cool and fun. I played it and poof… i realised you had to go to some ninja camp and dedicate your life at the altars (in game) to be able to play at that level. The fun was really not present when I played and it was confusing as flook. That said the navigation of the different commands was very nice looking and in theory probably very intellegent thinking……ARGH!!! but what does it all mean!!!!

    Worst game ever maybe not but it was my most disapointing purchase. I actually played it last week again and yeah I still stand by what I said above!

    Anyway worst game ever erm…. I really hated Hunchback 2 on the commodore64. Hunchback 1 was such good crack a real let down.

    I don’t really have a worst game ever more disapointments. I’m usually a good judge of games in that I play what I like therefore it kind of negates “my worst game” as an option.

    I should really think a bit more before I post. I’ll come back to this one!

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    I purchased a new graphics card entirely in anticipation of Black and White… never again (Do you hear me HL2!! ;) )

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    I’ll give it a week and then you’ll be on the way to the graphics card shop :)

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    No no no, Enter the Matrix is by far the worest game I’ve ever had the misfortune to spend money on. That’ll be the last time I buy something just because its number 1 in the charts.

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