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    I was consulting a thread referred by the IGDA’s IP SIG and came across this.

    Genuine (I have a trusting nature and enclined to believe it is) or not, that’s got one of my heartiest laughs all week :lol:…

    …and a little warming glow, at the thought of parents and children increasingly partaking in gaming, hopefully so as the first/early-generation gamers get to become parents in due course – ‘figures well for the industry’s sustenance :D


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    Thats hilarious! Ive been playing WoW for over 3 months now and i think that its something i would love to play with my kid/s eventually. Maybe not WoW in particular, but an MMORPG that has the same level of depth and interaction as WoW. But if Blizzard keep on the right track, WoW could and in my eyes, will become THE online game to play for many years to come.

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    Not tried WoW yet, don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance (well… the time :lol: )… but my 1-yr old daughter already plays GC Mario Kart and LFS S2 with me, LOL!

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