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    Here is a first look at x-men 3 due out next year looks promising with some new characters and old favs. New in finally Beast looks cool and colossos here is the link have a look


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    Hrm, Beast isnt as bad as I though tbh, but its Juggernaut I think they’ve made a balls out of. Its times like these I miss CGI.. :?

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    The thing is, if you are going to make a fully CG character, who will be acting, then you need to make sure you can pull it off. It has rarely succeeded, Gollum was one example of it being pulled off, and its looking like Kong will be another.
    You are better off using a standard actor in costume unless you are certain you can make the CG character convincing, because if it isn’t, then it could mess up the entire film.

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    Theres no way any CGI that they do nowadays with a film like X3 that could be worse than this…

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    The Hulk was created really well, So I suppose it is possible to create a character like Juggernaut to a believable standard.

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    I am looking forward to it, pity Bryan Singer is not the director again though.

    Btw…was I the only one who thought they showed too much from the film in the “teaser”?

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    Actually if you know the story already its nothing new – Jean “dies”. War between X-Men and the Brotherhood etc..

    Funny that you mention The Hulk, I know alot of people who thougt he looked “rubbish” but tbh I thought he was very well done..

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    He looked rubbish for a long time because early WIP effects shots were used in several teasers to start hyping the film. A lot of people couldn’t get past that. I thought the final stuff was fantastic.

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    Yea, theres a really detailed show on the Bonus Disc about his creation, extremely impressive stuff to be honest, theres also alot of stuff you don’t even get to see because the action is so fast…

    Btw, just saw the IMDB page, Omega Red is in it? OMG? :shock:

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    I think even a half decent CG character would have been better than having to watch Vinne Jones act

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    I’m actually glad they are using an actor in a suit. It bucks the current trend of throwing in a CG character just for the hell of it.

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    Oh yea and two comics that made me laugh…

    VG Cats

    Penny Arcade


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    hulk was rubbish

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    …and i think “Batman Begins” was a good attempt at making a “superhero” movie without excessive amounts of CGI.

    pity they completely ruined Jack Nicholson’s work in the original Batman. Man, the joker got a raw deal. and has anyone seems the complete ‘joke’ of a treatment of the ‘joker’ character in the new Batman cartoon on Toonami (channel 621)?

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