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    Suprised one mentioned this earlier….

    Xbox 360, is set to launch on November 22nd in North America, followed by a European launch on December 2nd and a Japanese launch on December 10th.[/quote:255b8dab6d]

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    Aye so much for the simultaneous launch…or did I dream that one up….

    I’m still of two minds whether to bother with either the 360 or the PS3… I barely have time to play any games at the minute. That and I’m still fighting the temptation of a PSP…

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    PSP is well worth it, as for the 360 i’m still annoyed that they have decided to wait until the day the ps3 launches to release Halo 3
    evil people evil

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    Consoles are for n00bs and Mac users, anyway. Real men use PCs.


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    yes but some of us men really really hate having to wait a year for halo to get ported + i need a semi regular dose of zelda and FF.

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    And some of us can’t afford to constantly update a PC to allow playing new games.

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    oh please tell me he didnt just say “n00bs” *shudder*

    My problem is I always buy a console when they first come out, get 3 or 4 games and then never look at it again…..

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    Aww, arguments I agree with, and sensible comments. How do you want to start a flamewar with people like that… :(

    wilted : I agree for the Japanese cRPG part. I never understood why games that are so technologically undemanding aren’t ported more often to PC. One of the many reasons I’d love to learn Japanese (so I could just order the goodies straight from there, surely they must have some stuff for the PC there). In the meantime I just get what I can from abandonware sites…

    As a sidenote, I bought Golden Age about an hour after my little sister got her GameBoy Advance. I adore that little game :)

    _lk: and that is the reason I never bought a console. I would only do it to play japanese cRPGs, and possibly a bit of fighter games if I had anyone to play with (which I never had). Which I find a bit of a waste of money.
    Oh, if you can’t abide my n00bz, I shall unleash my flesh eating llamaz after you!!! Mwahahahaha !!!1



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    PSP is a tasty treat. Plus the fact that the ‘Sneaky-F*ckin-Russians’ have managed to get SNES-NES-MegaDrive-NeoGeo Emulators to run on it, means I can play Zelda A Link To The Past next time I’m on the Bus to Dublin.

    Consoles vs. PC’s? Well, I bought the N64 because of Zelda and GoldenEye. Gave the Nintendo GameCube a miss cause it wouldnt play DVD’s. Avoided the PS1 & PS2 because neither of them supported a USB Mouse & Keyboard so I could use the all-too-familiar “W A S D” Counter-Strike controls.

    WHY OH WHY is it so hard for Nintendo and Sony and Microsoft to take into account that there are so many PC Gamers who would migrate, if they only eased the transition by supporting a keyboard and mouse. I have mates who are 50-60 years old who who play Delta Force, IGI, etc on their PC’s, and just will not go near a console because of this.

    Shigeru, if you reading this, drop me an email, I got sketches, technical designs, and a karaoke machine. Me and you grab some Guinness and make this thing work. Ok?

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    On that note the PS3 will support a mouse and keyboard for games like UT2007, it’ll still have to support the controller though…

    I stand by what I said

    oh please tell me he didnt just say “n00bs” *shudder*

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    The only problem I currently have with the PSP is the fact that you can’t find a v1.51 or earlier in the US. I mean I would love one to begin with, but if I could take my game library with me on the plane without having to rig some soda can and airplane peanut fusion generator just to run the tv and NES I would have dropped the dough happily. Sadly I waited to see if the price went down and sony gave me a nice slap in the face and upgrade the firmware. Yes I know it will eventually be hacked as well, but I am an impatient American damnit. :wink: As for the next gen consoles I will wait until one of my classes demand that I buy one for “studying”. Then I can talk my wife into the purchase. :)

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    Que Pasa Hombre?

    What do you mean by v1.51? Did those sneaky Sony people recall their hacked hardward, or re-design it so Emulators wouldn’t work on it?

    really? have you got any links to news stories about this?

    If they did…grrrrr…well….I just might have to….Call Down A Mighty Reckoning On Them…

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    Yeah, Sony are upgrading firmware to stop homebrew hacks (and include web browsers). I hear some future PSP games will force firmware upgrades.

    Ah well, for portable homebrew and emulation, there’s always the gpx2: http://www.gpx2.com/

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    JB I’ll try and find something about it. I don’t mean they pulled them off the shelves though. They just simply sold out of the 1.51s, and the 1.52s and later have not yet been hacked (I think… I may be a bit behind). So I figured I would wait to buy one till the expected price drop coming for the holidays.

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    Holy Frehley Senors!

    Is this for real? I thought Sony were all kinds of happy that people would be hacking their PSP. I mean from a consumer point of view it was perfect.

    I get the sleak, modern, stylish design that only Sony can offer, but I get the imagination and traditional gameplay only available on the NES & SNES.

    Really? They are really clamping down on this sort of thing???

    I know about the GP32 and the new better version, but I really thought that the PSP was the Holy Grail (well apart from supporting a GSM Sim Card, then it would be the mightiest single device known to man…)

    If thats the case than it sucks. Mucho Mucho Sucking going on in Sony HQ. I think we need to form an underground resistance. Tunnel our way into Sony HQ and kidnap the programmers involved in the Anti-Modding Division.

    Who’s with me?

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    Isn’t there a wide screen version in the works… which looks just like the PSP….

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    LK: a widescreen version of what? The Gizmondo or DS?

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    Gizmondo. Follow the link for details


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    oh please tell me he didnt just say “n00bs” *shudder*

    My problem is I always buy a console when they first come out, get 3 or 4 games and then never look at it again…..[/quote:7986745704]

    I did the same with the xbox sadly, for some reason after the Nintendo 64 and PSX days i never looked at consoles much again…

    Perfect Dark was my game, and i would of had 4 Player Matches and Mess arounds with mates around twice a week, if any of you have ever done anything similar youll know where im coming from, but it was bliss… best gaming days of my life…
    O and dont forget banging the $hit3 out of the controller to play the WWF Wrestling games… WCW No Revenge and WWF No Mercy were the best wrestling games IMO… they were so frustrating because it was a bunch of animations, and whoever started theyre animation first generally had the upper hand for that move while the other person would be banging the “R” button (had a few mates would start biting the control with rage)… man those were the days…

    Anyway, I like the sound of PS3s Hardware… But i would go for XBOX 360 for the game linup… Also XBOX own Rareware now, and the made some MIGHTY kickas$ games!

    Perfect Dark Zero (OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!)
    Quake 4
    Gears of War
    Dead or Alive 4

    Also Xbox already have Xbox Live, a well enough recognised online community…

    not sure tho, these things are usually alot clearer when all 3 next gen consoles are released here for about 2 weeks

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    XBox 2? Well theres $500m well spent on advertising! :lol:

    Oh and while those games listed will indeed be fantastic they still won’t be able to top the bling factor of PS3s usual staple of Gran Turismo, Tekken etc… Quake 4 will be a PS3 title also afaik.

    Perfect Dark Zero will raise the profile of the XBox 360 somewhat but it will be Halo 3 that will be the game that sells most units I reckon…

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    XBox 2? Well theres $500m well spent on advertising![/quote:c15e952be8]
    Well, i’m sorry, but 360 is just stupid, it’ll always be xbox 2 to me.

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    Perfect Dark Zero will raise the profile of the XBox 360 somewhat but it will be Halo 3 that will be the game that sells most units I reckon…[/quote:6638c52f8c]

    Halo 3… cant wait. :D

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    Haven’t microsoft now got final fantasy exclusive for sbox 360? ff12 i mean.

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    can’t bloody wait for the 360, have a preorder in already

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