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    Pretty much what has been anticipated. But interesting nonetheless….

    “The name of Xbox’s successor is Xbox 360, we can confirm, and the design of the machine is indeed a concave shape.”

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    What a pants name!

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    How many points for an xbox 360!:D

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    I cant say if like the name but its a smart move. It puts them on the same number as sony, without really being misleading.

    PS3, XBox 360.

    Im sure they were thinking Revolution but nintendo have had that name for ages.

    Lets see what the games can do.

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    I hope they dont do a U-turn on this name, I mean their Xbox fans heads may be spinning but Microsoft need to keep the faith, because and in a roundabout way its not an appalling name and I’m sure the design will be better than Xbox.


    I think the design may turnout to be giselle like and all sexy…more Audi\Apple than American.

    Regardless, Revolution will crush all

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    Oh dear God…….

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    I read somewhere they did a survey where they put a few of their ideas for names to the general public and asked which one was better than Playstation 3 and that was the top answer.

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    XBox, XBox 360… what’s the next one going to be? XBox XP?

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    Get it Right Mal for god sake, if your going to MS bash do it correctly :eek:

    XBOX : Service Pack 720


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    lol, with an ad like the Exorcist one, with some gamers head twisting round a few times :)


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