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    I’ve already got a box ready on the floor to balance the power adaptor on to prevent it from overheating!

    Will probably get PGR3 and Kameo, they look pretty good.

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    Not sure tempted. But as I’ve said many times before I’m not a big console player. That and I’m buying a 32″ Hi Def TV after chrimbo so might wait until then.

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    Me: I’m holding out for games that excite me and a price drop.
    World: Waiting on Ps3


    [edit: EDGE review Perfect Dark Zero]

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    pre-order’s in anyway… no gaurantee i’ll get one mind you, not with only 300,000 of the feckers allocated for all of Europe

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    Nope, not a console person myself. Games Soc will probably buy one soon so I might procure that for awhile to…um…test it…or something… :D

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    I’m getting it all through work before my contract is up, so I’ll be looking at trade prices :wink:

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    Good stuff! You should get a deadly deal then!
    What model are you gonna go for, or have you decided yet?

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    Not entirely sure I know I can get an extremely good deal on a Sharp Aquos…though I’d quite like a DVI connection so maybe the JVC 32″ LT32A61B… Any suggestions. Havent got much knowledge of TVs so I’m basically looking at the response times, contrast ratio and brightness and trying to find a good balance on the price…..

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    I think the best thing to do is go into a store and see the differant models all playing the same movie(usually Finding Nemo for some reason). You can then easily see which have the best visual clarity!
    Sony, Panasonic, Phillips and JVC are usually the best in my opinion. The first two are more expensive but usually better, the latter two are cheaper, but you get good value for money.

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    Completely under whelmed by the visual quality of Sony’s BRAVIA range. Unfortunately our supplier doesn’t do Panasonic or Philips. So its between Sharp, JVC or Relysis(?)

    Noticed the Finding Nemo thing too…that or Shark Tale…seems to be a love of all things fishy.

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