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    So, got up far too early on Friday to try and get an Xbox 360. We had been told by a staff member of 3G that they would have them in and it was first come first served. We waited outside the Stephens Green SC store from about 6:45 to 9. Finally a staff member comes along and says, “Are you looking for the Xbox………we haven’t got any”. We were then told that they wouldn’t have any until after Christmas.
    So up to Argos we go, hoping to bag one there. We queued for another half and hour as the staff members walked by us into the store. There was a queue of around 15 people. So the doors open, we all leg it in……”You looking for the Xbox……….we haven’t got any” Why they couldn’t have told us beforehand instead of letting us queue up for half an hour I don’t know. Its not like we could have been queueing for a toaster.
    Anyway, eventually got the of the “core” systems in GoldenDiscs. So that meant we had to go around and get all the other parts we would have gotten with the full system bundle. Also had to get the system with two games, PGR3 and Perfect Dark. Project Gotham is very good, superb graphics and I’m really enjoying it, especially playing it on Live. I wasn’t expecting much from Perfect Dark, but I’m really getting into it.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with it so far. The games I have are very good, and I like the various features of the system, such as the ability to connect it to my PC to stream music. The wireless controllers are class too.
    By the way, if anyone has an Xbox Live gamertag, let me know so I can add you to my friends list. Mine is Nooptical, suprisingly.

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    Just wondering what does a full system cost and what does a core system with bits to make a full system cost ?

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    Full system is 410 I think. Core system is 310.
    Wireless Controller is around 45-50
    Universal Remote is around 30
    HDD is around 115

    Also I forgot to add this to my original post:
    HMV are d**ks
    3G are liars
    Game are rip-off merchants


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    That’d be euro not sterling mate

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    I know, i’ve already edited my post.

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    Sorry jumped the gun and I had posted prior to your edit. My apologizes

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    No need to appologise, blame my sterling minded brain

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    And I also humbly apologise for not stating it as euros…..


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    i was going to buy a xbox 360 but i wasn’t sure when i heard about the over heating of the power packs is that true. i think that it is a bit stupid that you have to keep it off the ground in order to keep it cool. also the 360 itself is supposed to crash.

    thats why i wasn’t queing a 6 in the morning.

    Also GAME are rip off merchants

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    My power adapter thingy doesn’t seem to get very hot. I have it off the ground though just in case. Haven’t had a crash yet either.

    Game were charging 79.99 for Need for Speed

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    I’m just gonna wait till January and pick them up on eBay for 1/2-3/4 the price Irish shops are charging.

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    Xbox 360, shown with levitating wireless controller[/quote:9943c7fddc]


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    this is kinda related…Touring the Microsoft Xbox facilities


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    Hrm, X360 doesnt seem to be doing so hot in Japan…

    Xbox 360 gets cool reception in Japan

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    this doesn’t sound good for M$ either

    Further adding insult to injury, Kotaku.com is reporting that retailers, who’re contractually unable to return unsold stock to Microsoft, are slashing prices across the territory. The 38,800 yen console has seen a price drop as low as 18,800 yen in some areas – that’s roughly 182 GBP, fact fans.[/quote:cb985ad554]

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    Hrm, X360 doesnt seem to be doing so hot in Japan…Pity tbh although the launch games arent really the kind of games they lap up afaik…

    Xbox 360 gets cool reception in Japan

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    I love how the spin doctors work. What I heard was that they sold in half an hour, the reality was that was only at the launch party. Aye without DOA 4 their line up wouldnt of raised many eyebrows. I’ll be buying an xbox 360 but not until after Christmas possibly even the summer. Depends what happening come February.

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    Em, Halo 3? :D

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    On the subject of Xbox360…dont tilt your machine whilst the disc is rotating, it creates deep scratches on the disc….so say unlikely some colleagues who have fallen victim to it.

    Lord knows why they where moving the machine whilst playing…

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    On the subject of Xbox360…dont tilt your machine whilst the disc is rotating, it creates deep scratches on the disc[/quote:2422146772]

    yeah heard about that, here’s how to do it incase anyone is interested:


    (need to right click and save as)

    the sound of it happening is nasty!

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    Also, never under any circumstances hit your Xbox360 with a claw-hammer whilst it is booting up.

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    Or pour tea or any other liquid on it…..

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    Or insert small pieces of wholemeal bread into the disc tray….

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    or give it any personal details which will then be sent to……..

    *knock on door*



    ‘what the..!’

    *knocked to floor*

    ‘not my legs…nooooooooooo…’

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