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    Jamie Mc

    Hey guys,

    We’re opening this week for some testing, and are looking for volunteers to have the hard job of just coming in for free and playing games over Xbox Live so we can test our network strength.

    Basically, this Tuesday 28/3 and Wednesday 29/3 we need people to come in between the hours of 2pm and 7pm (kicked out at 8pm) .

    Just print out this email, stick your username on it so I can say thanks to you all later, and come to 51 South William Street. We’re the white building with the grey door.

    From Stephen’s Green

    Take the road between the Green S.C. and the Gaeity. Go to the end, and take a right, past Peter’s Pub. We’re down the road on your right between the tanning shop and Mischief bar.

    From Trinity

    Go up Suffolk Street and keep following the road as it bends left past the Dublin Tourist Board. The road the other side of the junction is Sth William Street. Go up there, past Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, past Eurocycles and we’re on your left between Mischief and the Tanning Shop.

    Address: 51, South William Street, Dublin 2

    Look forward to seeing a few of you there.


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    Should be in on wednesday asap after work.


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    Aphra K

    the press launch for the play centre was last night and when I get a chance pics and news piece will go up.

    Well done to Jamie and co for a great evening

    the venue looks great I have to say so people should pop into it on South William Street in Dublin, near cafe mocha, to take a look.


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    South William Street?

    Fancy location :)

    Bassbin, the club night that I like in Dublin does be there..Basement Club @ Mischief…

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    Jamie Mc

    cheers aphra.

    And mischief has closed down now, but we’re smack bang next door to it.


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    jamie .. who won your draw :D

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    Jamie Mc
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    Aphra K


    loved the space. will have to come in after Easter and try out the games.

    By the way some of the staff here were thinking of bringing in their kids. What is the story with under 16s and are there many games suitable for them?



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    dave and aphra came in, was a disappointment not to see tony and ian but i’m sure they were snowed under[/quote:aba0a10fa6]sorry, dude…. just couldn’t justify the 6 hr round trip – the man from Disney, he say ‘No’

    But it looks like a great venue, and I love the idea. Will definitely make it in next time I’m in Dublin

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    Hey Jamie,

    Is there anything promotional* etc going on on the weekend after the 4th birthday bash? First time I can make it down…

    I will evangelise to those who live in the Pale who arent on the boards, but I’d like to see it beforehand.

    * By promotional I mean, I don’t wanna buy membership when I’m only in Dubbers 2 or 3 times a year these days. Cheap but honest :D

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    Oh and by the way Jamie if you want to pimp it here in DCU just throw me an image and I can stick it on our site. :D

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