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      Hi all,

      As I was standing in work (GAME) watching about fifteen kids crowd around the new PS2 Eye Toy pod laughing and watching the current player jerking around in the middle of the floor in a world of his own it struck me that I was watching one of the most exciting changes in the games industry to date… people are actually starting to get something new and innovative to play with! And it’s come from the most unlikely source (sony).

      First there was the Dance Mat (a roaring success). Three weeks ago they brought out the voice recognising (?) Socom: Navy Seals and now this! Apart from Nintendo’s Gameboy link (again “?”) nothing in the past five to ten years (to my knowledge) has gone further than the generic FPS, Sport, Driving, Beat Em Up, etc. that we’re sick to the back teeth of. Is the industry about to rise up out of the quagmire it’s been stuck in for the past near decade, dragged by the teeth by its biggest players into uncharted territory?

      Also how easy was it to develop the Eye Toy. Intel had an identical basketball game bundled with their web cams five years ago! this is encouraging stuff.

      See http://www.eyetoy.com/ for more info.

      More importantly what are Microsoft and (kid based) Nintendo going to do to counter Sony’s sudden burst of innovation?


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      Jamie Mc

      I got SOCOM in, and the voice recognition works very well in it, even when you switch players, but mind you all it consists of is you holding down square and saying a sequence of words ie.. TEAM DEPLOY FRAG, or TEAM AMBUSH TO CROSSHAIRS, but it’s interesting, and the game isn’t too bad either. Cant wait to give the online version a try.


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