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    :roll: A dragonion, half human half dragon… :roll:

    Inspiration from a drawing i drew back in college… it’s a low poly gon character for a game i may be creating in the near future…

    *Still to be textured i’ll learn that part tommorow, just been using materials so far…* comments much appreciated ^-^

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    looks cool.

    brings sypro the dragon to mind :)

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    Hey :) glad to see I’m not the only one discovering the pain that is Max.
    That looks like a nice little model. Are you going to use normal mapping later on? Cos if you are, you are gonna need more polys than that, though.
    Cool idea for a model, I’ve to say :)

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    first things first gotta learn how to unwrap, and texture the model :shock:

    argh… gotta love those 3ds tutorials, especially the fact i don’t have any of the files contained in tutorials *sigh*

    I completly forgot about normal mapping :P thanks for the reminder, I used to have a program that did that, hmm wonder where it got to.

    heh random in-game shot

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    LMAO :D
    Yeah, unwrapping is a bitch if you havent planned for it.
    One of the lads in my class learning with me was doing a very impressive model of The Flash… except he didn’t realise he was digging his own grave, because of stuff like orphan vertices, invalid faces and the like.
    The lads couldn’t understand why I was being so bloody anal about having clean lines, everything aligned and all.
    Ha! I was the one laughing when we started unwrapping. I was actually enjoying doing it :twisted:
    (well, it still took me an all nighter to get my baby all unwrapped and mapped, but it was well worth the effort).

    A thing nobody really bothered with (that I learnt from my days doing a few skins for Quake 2) was to use the pixels in your map.
    One of the lads had a plane, but his wings were only mapped with, like, 120×200 (out of a 512×512 map). Which was completely stupid since it looked all distorted (that’s to say, 120 was the span of the wing, and 200 its depth…)
    And don’t get me started with the amount of pixels in his map that weren’t used at all!
    If you are a bit clever about your unwrapping, you can do some really nice things later on with the skin, so keep that in mind ;-)

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    Here you go sephiro and philippe_j, hope this link helps you both.


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    thanks for the links r_mc_gowan, i took a glance down couple of them, some were helpfull :P i’m going through them one by one to learn it all ^o^ well the non-broken link ones at least :roll:

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    lol, yeah, I got a few juicy link titles, only to find they were dead links… I absolutely hate it when it happens ;)

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