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    I know this has probably been done before but I’ll fire on anyway.

    I would really like to know what moment you’ve most enjoyed in your own gaming history.

    As an example of what I mean I’ve stuck down two examples. They are NOT my favourite as a question this size merits more time to think about but…

    1. Finding our how to destroy (and destroying) the armoured robot in an episode of Laser Squad on the Amtrad CPC 464.
    2. About four months ago myself and a few of the lads here were having a blast at Battlefield 1942, Wake Island. We had the Axis lads on the run and had only the air field to take. As we stormed the airfield and the flag went white we realized that their was only one Axis soldier left (an artist that sits two seats behind me). We had one guy in a tank and he caught sight of our ellusive artist getting into one of the planes. He fired. The projectile arched towards it’s target but our axis guy took off at the last possible second.
    “GET A BASE GET A BASE” his team shouted. Alas, out artist friend was not the greatest of pilots. He flew over the airbase again much to the joy of his team mates but as he tried to change his view from cockpit to chase cam he accidently bailed out about a mile and a half off the coast.
    The whole place collapse in laughter. Guns were mounted (oh-err) boats were actually moved, planes were scrambled. Most of use just sat there in stitches as the black dot on the horizon that was the ellusive artist came under a barrage of biblical proportions.

    if you have a nugget of gaming nirvana you can let me know about it. I’m doing a bit of research into what makes us gameheads tick.

    answers on a postcard to…

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    Uh, figuring out how to create a boot disk and set the options so that my machine has enough EMS to start Ultima Underworld? It was pretty emotional as it was the first time I could afford buying a game, only to get a “not enough memory available”…

    Nah, you probably means something a bit more funny.
    Well, it’s nice to live through one of those “everybody holding their breath” kinda moments, isn’t it?
    Counter Strike did that for us on a number of occasions (although I find the game annoying most of the time) :
    I vividly remember this one time (at band camp) where I was the only CT left on that farm level, against one other Terrorist. Me crouching around with my silenced M4, full sneaky bastard style (my favourite, in this game). I realise the idiot is hiding between one of those double gates arches and so I embark on a full flanking maneuver, ending up behind him. The tension in the room was just amazing, all my team mates just dying with anticipation as I advanced silently, pointing my gun at the poor fool’s back, all the enemy lads just holding their breath as we have a strict “dead don’t talk” policy…
    it’s one of those moments where I really enjoy playing with other humans.
    It wasn’t the challenge of the kill (a simple backstab) or the team action (since I was on my own), but the team spirit that really turned this moment into a gaming memory I treasure, feeling the whole team behind me, and the opposing me silently cursing me, nobody actually cheating and selling me out to their poor fellow. Aaaaah :roll:

    I’m trying to dig through my memories, n I can tell you, in 18 years I have played a few games, but funnily enough, there has rarely been anything as genuinely exciting as playing with my fellow human beings.
    My personal favourites are when team play actually occurs. When somehow, I manage to rally a few guys with me and quickly set up a tactic, and we actually make it work.

    Like this time the Tribes demo got released. I jumped online, wanting to see what the fuss was about. And sure enough, everybody is jumppacking left right and center, trying out the cool mortar gun, and generally not being very effective. But anyway. Instead of running around, I look at the nearest player and start asking him if he wants to try something different. So I actually type out my plan : “let’s grab a vehicle. We fly to that point NW of the flag, while I run to grab the flag, you turn the vehicle around and then I hop on the back and you drive us back home”.
    Well, so that’s exactly what we did! A complete stranger, and yet we sneaked past the enemy defences, flew to a point on the edge of the map, behind a hill next to the enemy base. I just jump, jetpacked to the flag, jump back again, and off we went, back home with a flag in tow.
    Even with real players in a LAN, you wouldn’t believe how rarely I have had this kind of experiences, but online? On a public server? And with a demo version of the game??! Well spank me and call me Susan…

    I wish it happened more often :wink:


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    Hrm, the few that I can think of..

    Finishing The Chaos Engine on the SNES…one of the hardest games EVER.

    We were playing Battlefield Vietnam at a LAN awhile ago and I was flying the helicopter with all by buddies in the back. For some reason I suddenly decided it would be funny to eject from the chopper and not tell the guys in the back…I don’t think I ever laughed so hard (bar at Sam N’ Max) while I watched the chopper crash and take all my team mates with it… :lol:

    Counter-Strike has also been the home of many of my favourite moments though, theres just too many to list…One thing that will stick in my mind was the very first day Source was released. Myself and a mate joined a server, one of the few that were up and to our amazement no one was killing each other, everyone was just too preoccupied with rolling the tire down the hill on Dust and throwing weapons to each other etc…It was pretty damn surreal…

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    Quit blowing your own horn.

    Only messing.
    Great stuff chaps. More please.

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    #1: Without a doubt: getting DOOM I to work across a network in College. My first LAN game. World had changed afterwards…

    #2: meeting the Thargoids for the first time in a failed jump in Elite.


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    Topping the standings at the end of the first 2 days competition during the 2002 Magic the Gathering world championships in Sydney, Australia :)


    (out-nerd that :) )

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    To many to mention but the one that sticks out was Shooting the tyrannosaurus boss on turok dinosaur hunter on the N64 with the chronoscepter or fusion cannon.
    Never had firepower or bad guys looked so totally badass before. The first time I saw it go off I was just like “where can I get me one of those”. Then was promptly killed by the T-Rex.

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    This is surely one of the greatest moments in gaming history


    you can just feel the cheese dripping off it cant you

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    Quit blowing your own horn.

    Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it? If you don’t get any bragging rights out of it, it’s not really a “great moment”.

    I’ll tell you one that I think is the reasons my mates always enforce a “no sniper rifles for you” policy (the funny thing is, I am useless at sniping in CS):
    there is this map in UT with two huge towers on sorta floating islands, with a thin path connecting them. The spawn points are a few meters away from the sides of the base of the towers.
    So anyway, after a minute or so, I find this sniping rifle, and naturally, I look for higher ground to do my job. So I end up at the top of our tower. Now the funny part is, I have ammo respawing a feet away from my nest, and armor just behind me. In other words, as long as nobody manages to snipe me, I am pretty much on The Best Camping Spot Ever(tm).
    And so I start sniping…
    It was a 5 on 5 match, with my team mates and I in one room, and the other team in the next room (at a friend’s house).
    You know how they say hit a man once and it’s funny, hit him ten times and it’s not, but it him a hundred times, and now you have comedy.
    Well, that was the best comedy I ever watched :P
    Little guy spawns, tries to run for cover behind his base, nope sorry, headshot. Spawns again, headshot. And again, and again… I forget how many frags I got that match, but it was freaking Lemmings, with little guys running straight for the safety of the tower, to no avail.

    Of course, what really made it funny wasn’t the shooting. It was the fact that every time I would headshot some poor bastard that had just respawned, I would hear big shouts coming from the other side of the wall :lol: At the end of the match, I went and just showed my head through the door of there room. I swear I have never seen so many people so mad at me at the same time. No word was exchanged, just looks. And their was murder in those five pair of eyes staring at my grinning face :P
    For the rest of the afternoon, it was “let’s shoot Philippe”.

    There is a special place in my heart where I keep the memory of that day, the day a casual player like me gave the munchkins and geeks a taste of their own medicine… :twisted:


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    *Bows down to Skyclad*
    Dude! International championships, that’s pretty geeky, indeed!

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    Hmm, my greatest moment in video games history is actually completing a resident evil game.
    The game was resient evil 4. This is arguably the easiest resident evil game out, however, i found it was probrably the best, and most enjoyable resident evil game out. Not just because it had outstanding graphics and a better camera setting but the fact this it was more playable than previous editions of the game.
    Originally i had resident evil 2 for the ps1. I found it impossible to get into. It was ridiculously hard. Its a well known fact that this game has a huge lack of ammo etc and horrible camera moments. I just gave up. I was highly disappointed, so i was naturally sketical on getting resident evil 4. But now that i have completed it i have now experienced my greatest video game moment. :D:D

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    Being absolutely unstoppable in Super Probotector when you got tooled up with the 3 way fire and homing missile combo

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    philippe_j, see the Redeemer on that level is for people like you. :D

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    Being absolutely unstoppable in Super Probotector when you got tooled up with the 3 way fire and homing missile combo[/quote:63fc77701c]

    I still play the probotector games now, great for a wee blast. Super was a bitch to complete though. I remember getting probotector for my nes when i was about 7 and leaving it paused for days at a time while i was playing through it. ah, almost brings a tear to my eye.

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    Beating Street Fighter 2 on the SNES on hard and seeing “that” screen

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    Single-handedly capping two of the three ‘beach flags’ (‘middle’ and ‘top’ flag, top is near the big warehouse) on the BF2 Oman Demo map(multiplayer) on a 64-public server, as an infantry man and the last of three MEC bodies on the map (other two were Mig pilots, helped some with choppers, not so much with Tanks/APCs/infantry), against 32 *very* dedicated and organized US bodies…

    … and then watching the squad invites that kept rolling in for a good hour after that :)

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    So that’s where you’ve been hiding eh steph? :)

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    What on earth do you mean? :lol:

    Been inordinately busy both @ work and @ home lately, and ‘relief sessions’ have usually been of the 23:30 to 00:30 or 01:00 variety…

    There’s only 24 hours in a day, but I could *really* do with more atm

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