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      Hey All!

      Just an idea, but how about: a hot-list of the most innovative titles ever created. Be they from any decade, any genre or any platform

      From ‘Tennis For Two’ ‘SpaceWars’, ‘Eye-Toy’ to ‘Worms’, even the GTA series or the BBC’s Fight Box…

      it’s your choice – your vote!


      To get the ball rolling, here are just a few of the games that get my innovation vote and some reasons why!

      Simply put, one of the most innovative titles in years!

      Space Invaders
      A brilliantly simple yet timelessly addictive game design.

      Soul Reaver
      Original Concept / Multi-dimensional shifts / Character abilities / Narrative etc.

      Concept / Stunning Level Design / Art direction / Inventory items & weapons.

      GTA: Vice City
      Merging pop culture and games like never before.


      Feel free to pull my choices apart! However, the real aim here is to get YOUR ideas on what makes an innovative game and why!

      Hope to hear from you soon!

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      Interesting topic Ian..

      In recent years, we’ve all seen the amount of rubbish games that have been churned out. Notably on both Sony machines. I think that companys fail the capture the magic that got so many of us into games at an early age. No games these days have the same feel about them as they did 10 years ago.
      I believe that this is the case simply because, developers are running out of ideas. Nearly everything has been tried now and the only company that has recently tried to bring back the old magic feeling is Nintendo. Play the Legend Of Zelda, The Wind Waker and you will know exactly what im talking about. This game managed to capture my absolute love for games again as it is so original, childesh and just an absoltue pleasure to play.
      As for anyone who critisises the cell shaded graphics, you would soon changeyour mind after 10 minutes of playing it.
      My childhood innocence (as corny as it may seem) was restored as i played through the 25 hour+ game.
      If you are looking for something original, get this game.
      Its not the only game to keep you happy on the very under-estimated Gamecube, there is also Metroid Prime, all the Resident evils and not forgetting Mario Kart which is due out around x-mas. Just a piece of advice, if you dont have a gamecube, get one. They are dirt cheap at the mo, well worth the money.

      Anyways, im going to choose The Legend Of Zelda. It may not be as innovative as some other games but how many of these actually are a success?

      Just a thought!


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      Some comments to your thread. I agree with Paul on the Nintendo issue. They are the only one pushing the envelope for me.

      Sony sequels. A safe bet to be sure but isn’t leading the industry.

      I also like the RED ALERT and the RISE OF NATIONS kind of games. Can’t beat that winning feeling.

      Hey Paul, I don’t mean to turn this into a forum for game discussion, well I mean comparing individual games on a preferrential basis, there are plenty of those sites out there, but did you ever play RARE’S BANJO-KAZOOIE? N64 based, it was a heap off fun for me. Kind of summarised what a game should be.

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      I’m sorely tempted to get a GameCube because of the number of interesting and fun looking games I see coming out of it. If I do it’ll be the first console I’ve had since the SNES days.

      Here’s a quick of list of what I’d consider pretty innovative titles:

      Wolfenstein 3d/DOOM/Quake: I suppose I’m really thinking of technological innovation here. It’s easy to sit around and dream of playing games from a first person perspective and I’m guessing I’m not the only twelve year old who did. Carmack’s code brought that dream kicking and screaming into reality and he’s still pushing the envelope to this day.

      Dune/Command & Conquer: Another game style that seems obvious in retrospect. What’s remarkable about these games is how much better they play as games against todays titles despite improvements in technology. Westwood not only developed a simple yet powerful interface system through the mouse, they implemented it with amazing panache.

      Super Mario Brothers 3: I guess I could have picked any Miyamoto game! There’s no one thing about it that makes it stand out. It’s the overall affect of finely developed characters and perfectly presented levels combining to create some of the most balanced gameplay ever seen.

      There are tonnes more games that could easily make up the list. Elite created the first really open environment that made the players options feel unlimited, Prince of Persia created a tense dynamic by scaling the technology backwards and removing scrolling.

      I could go on but I think it’s telling that none of the titles I’ve mentioned appeared any later than the mid nineties!

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      Metal Gear Solid on the PS1, even though it was a little short, it cemented the viability of the stealth genre. Goldeneye on the N64, amazing gameplay and control in singleplayer and multiplayer and possibly the closest film tie-in ever (apart from Enter the Matrix, but that was shite). Gran Turismo on PS1, still looks good today and plays well. Turrican on Commodore 64 really pushed the boundaries of the machine, massive sprites, parallax scrolling, big guns and loadsa levels. Half-Life on PC (and Half-Life 2 looks to do the same again) with a compelling scripted storyline, big levels and great enemy AI. Kept me up nights I tell thee….

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      Has everyone forgot about Black and White? It let you do what you want and the world would adapt to it. And then there is The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind, you can do what you want and it affects the outcome, like when you use a weapon you get better at it and so on. Simply brilliant!

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      I suppose it’s very much what you grow up with.

      In between peeking and pokeing my commodore 64 to produce rainbows and joystick controled sprites, I remember really enjoying Paradroid. I played that for hours and end, alternating plays with my cousin during very lost summer holidays.

      I recently, for fun, loaded a C64 emulator on my Mac and almost jumped for joy when I found an image of Paradroid that would load.

      What a dissapointment:(

      It’s rubbish! Or at least looks pretty bad and plays like a dog.

      I also recall spending a lot of time with Mission:Impossible, Prince of Persia (on an early Mac) and Little Computer People (Sims MkI).

      Needless to say I won’t be loading those into the emulator – I’ll leave them as full 3D, 64Bit stunners in my mind!

      (B.T.W. Came across a Magazine called GameTM for the first time this week. Was impressed. A bit Edge like with lots or retro stuff. Anyone else like it?)


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      its not a case of designers being unoriginal, but more so a case of publishers anting the green stuff.

      Designers have to make smaller titles that may be unopriginal to bring in a revenue.
      Basically, aiming at the younger markets.
      its just like all those new video Games shows on your tele. they aim at a younger market with not alot of knowledge about gaming history and originality.
      Also, Sequals can bring in lots more money than an unknown title from a new Developer. The name sells.

      However, when a break through is made, or a completely original idea, its the media that will help sell the game. best examples are black and White and Max Payne.

      due to the o so long development period for these games the media were able to keep a close eye on them without upsetting or spoiling the plot for the developers. I can remember when B&W got released originally. It was on the front page of all teh magazines, and it boasted new improved AI and graphics, with interactive enviornments.

      its not really a case of the designers being un original, but more so just requiring the cash to put into the game.

      my 2 cents anyways.

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