William Latham will be coming to Dublin to speak on the evening of Feb the 8th at 7pm in the Digital Hub. Sponsored by Enterprise Ireland and the Digital Hub the talk will be part of a day long event to launch the Dare to be Digital Competition in Ireland.

Latham, who is CEO of Games Audit Ltd, and has a wealth of experience in the games industry (see biography below) will give a retrospective talk of his work from 1985 to 2007.

Covering his early work as an artist, his Genetic Mutation Art work at IBM, his work as CEO of Computer Artworks Ltd for 10 years which produced hit titles such as The THING through to his work as CEO of Games Audit where he works for Investment companies investing in the games industry and in the area of completion bonding.

Recently, Latham returned to his early evolution work (frozen since 1993) with the Mutator2 code connecting the old Mutation and Form Grow systems into modern genetics research, with very surprising results.

Williams’ Bio:

Formerly William Latham was CEO of Computer Artworks, which developed the hit The THING for Playstation2, Xbox and PC, which was based on the John Carpenter film of the same name. He has also worked on hit games for Warner Interactive, Mattel and Virgin Interactive.

From 1987 to 1994 he worked for IBM in their Advanced Computer Graphics and Visualisation Division where his pioneering work on Procedural / Mutation work achieved world wide recognition at SIGGRAPH and other events.

William has a wealth of experience in games development and business and has closed and managed deals with Microsoft, Nokia, Atari, Vivendi Universal, SCi, Sony SCEE and Virgin Interactive. He has direct experience in film rights negotiation, copyright issues, games negotiation, digital assets management and games technology development.

In 2004, recognising the ongoing increase in games budgets and increasing investment from financial organisations outside the games industry William founded Games Audit – a project management and audit operation for the games industry.

William has an MA from The Royal College of Art and a BA from Oxford University, and is on the Advisory Board of the Develop Conference in Brighton and the Bradford Animation Festival.

In 2005 he became Professor of Creative Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University and is a visiting Senior Research Fellow of Goldsmiths College (University of London). He remains CEO of Games Audit Ltd.

More information on the Dare to be Digital Information Day at http://www.daretobedigitalireland.com/events.htm

Note: the talk will take place in the Auditorium in the old MLE building (walk past the Digital Hub Information office on thomas Street walking towards Guinnesses (i.e away from Christ Church Cathedral) and take the next left. Entrance will be on your left, about 200 metres down.